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Jan 29, 2007 06:17 AM

Baltimore in 24 hrs

I'll be in Baltimore arriving around noon on Thurs. 2/16 til about 2-3 the next day. I've only done a cursory glance over the board (sorry, I hate people who are lazy like I'm being right now), but am hoping to find a good new American/northern italian/mediterranean place where I can dine solo comfortably at the bar Thurs. nite (fun and lively but not jammed), a cool cafe with great baked goods, and a greasy spoon breakfast and/or cheap lunch for Fri. Not sure where I'm staying (hopefully something affordable in the Fells Point area, thoughts?) but won't have time to venture too far out. I appreciate your thoughts and will be back with more specific D.C. questions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. For dinner, I would suggest Pazo, between the Inner Harbor and Fells Point:

    1. For greasy spoon breakfast, head to Jimmy's on Broadway in Fells (1 block up from Thames on the waterfront). Pazo is great and close to Fell's Point. Brewer's Art in Mount Vernon is also very good, and also fun. The upstairs dining room is a fine restaurant and the bar downstairs serves really good pizza and amazing garlic fries.

      1. I think Pazo would be good for solo dinner... lots of small plates... perfect ambiance for people watching.

        cafe with baked goods... in Fells Point again... Bonopartes (french bakery)
        Bonaparte Bakery. Location. 903 South Ann Street

        or Daily Grind (local coffee and hippies alike)
        1726 Thames Street, Fells Point

        cheap lunch for Friday: PLENTY of places in Fells point area.... just walk down thames or broadway....

        1. Chef Ras Doobie for the cheap lunch. Fairly convenient downtown location. Really, very few cities anywhere in the US have Jamaican food this good. The oxtail is heavenly.

          1. I second Brewer's Art...and I've always had a weak spot for the Paper Moon dinner.

            Paper Moon's Salmon Chanted Onion and Challah French Toast are great.

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            1. re: EscapeGoat42

              Is Brewer's Art good for solo dining? Blue Sea mentioned in the seafood thread looks good, what do you think of that? (Their happy hours seems like a deal and a half.)

              Is Paper Moon convenient to downtown? I'd like to find a "real" diner besides the one that Diner was filmed at, I've been there before. Any others in the downtown area?

              1. re: Joanie

                Skip Blue Sea, it isn't special but is pricey. Brewers Art is very good, although for someone flying solo the bar or family table at Pazo might be better. BA is a convivial, crowded bar (smoking permitted) with a formal dining area attached. I dunno...tough call, I like them both a lot.

                Peters Inn in Fells Point would be a good bar dining alternative as well.

                There are many who would tell you to avoid Paper Moon. I haven't been in ages, so I can't comment.