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Theater District for Vegetarians

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Any recommendations? Anything in the Park Sq/Theater District/Chinatown area would be fine.

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  1. I haven't been to the new Rustic Kitchen, but I was surprisingly satisfied with the old Porter Square location. Lots of veggie-friendly, upscale takes on Southern Italian cuisine.

    I know Todd English isn't the most popular guy on this board (and perhaps deservedly so), but I had a number of positive experiences at Rustic with good homemade pastas prepared with an appropriately short list of high-quality ingredients.

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      Todd English hasn't been involved in RK for a while. The new location sounds kind of interesting, not tons of reports here tho.

    2. I always like Buddha's Delight in Chinatown (Beach Street? right around the corner from Washington). All vegetarian, and tasty, as long as you're not spooked by descriptions of things like "vegetarian 'ham.'"

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        I was there last week, and it was surprisingly decent.. the atmosphere is lacking, the stairway up to the restaurant was scary...but decent vegetarian food... the lunch buffet was $6-- per person!

      2. Montien, the Thai place on Stuart St just below Tremont, isn't bad & has a pretty good selection of veggie options.

        1. You could probably be ok at any of the Chinatown restaurants - but some of the veggie dishes have shrimp paste or fish sauce in them - not sure how strict you are.

          I don't love Buddha's Delight, but it's a good way to garauntee your veggie-ness.

          Montien is also a great idea - many of the entrees on the "Authentic" menu are wonderful.

          Teatro has a few vegetarian options as well - what I've had of their pasta dishes would send me back for more.

          As does Silvertones, which has great comfort food.

          1. Go to New Saigon Sandwich for a 2.50 cent Bahn mi. Yum!

            1. The Herald just reviewed Rustic Kitchen, which is not only not a Todd English place, but not a Bill Bradley place anymore either; it has a big menu, lots of good-looking fancy thin-crust pizzas, probably a decent bet. The cocktails aren't bad, either.

              For banh mi in that neighborhood, I'd also recommend Mei Sum Bakery, which does a mean tofu one.

              Xinh Xinh is my favorite Vietnamese around there, and has many good vegetarian options.

              Teatro has a surprisingly good set of vegetarian options, and I think it's good for a mid-priced, creative Italian place. Closed Mondays, though.

              1. Shanghainese cuisine is well known for a multitude of vegetarian dishes using varieties of gluten. New Shanghai and Wing's Kitchen are good places to try in Chinatown.