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The Best French Fries

Ok-I have tried Pommes Frites on 2nd Ave--where else are the best fries in NYC????.thanks

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  1. Sarges Deli on 3rd and 36th

    1. This topic comes up from time to time, so you might want to do a search. My favorites are Cafe de Bruxelles and Petite Abeille.

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        Haven't been for about six months, but love the ones at Cafe de Bruxelles - used to be our first stop after getting off a plane in Miami (before we moved back to NYC). My husband and a friend once ate 7 orders of them. If you go - the other dishes I like are the moules, the steak and the endive salad. I try not to stray to far from those based on past experience.

      2. Tartine in the West Village can't be beat, particularly w/the roasted chicken and guacamole.

        1. Sounds good--will try Tartine and Cafe Bruxelles-thanks--I love moules too

          1. Its not in Manhattan, but if you want to venture out to Long Island, there is this old burger stand on Merrick Road in Massapequa called "All American Drive-In". They have the best fries you ever can hope to have. Its not gourmet at all, and you certainly aren't gonna call these Pommes Frites, but I tell you, ask anyone who's spent time on the South Shore of Long Island where the best fries are, and they will tell you All American Drive-In.

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              I agree! I grew up skateboarding distance from All American and hadn't been for many years. But I was on LI two weeks ago and stopped in. That place is sooo good...in the greasy, artery clogging, road-food kind of way! :)

              By the way, they cut their own fries from whole potatoes in the restaurant. Anyone who has read "Fast Food Nation" knows what's a rarity that is.


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                I grew up in North Massapequa, not too far from Boundary Avenue and just about 4 miles up Broadway from All American. However, I had cousins who lived super close to All American, on Massapequa Avenue, a few blocks south of Merrick Road.

                People who never grew up with All American just don't understand what they are missing out on. I love their quarter pounder with cheese also. And the prices are sooo cheap!

            2. extra virgin in west village has really good fries - really nice crispy texture, thin cut (but not too thin), fried with herbs and garlic cloves, and served with gorgonzola sauce. YUM.

              1. raouls in soho...and ask for the au poivre sauce for dipping. sinfully good!

                1. I think it's telling that no one mentions Pommes Frites, which is basically a fry joint

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                    The OP specifically asked for a suggestion other than Pommes Frites.

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                      duh. that's what happens when you only read the subject line.

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                      I used to love B. Frites, the place that was a few blocks from the Ed Sullivan theatre. I was sad when they closed down.

                    3. Balthazar.
                      Petite Abeille
                      And, for something different, Beppe, who call theirs 'Tuscan' fries, served with herbs and a little garlic. Oh dear. Quite fantastic.

                      All American is going on my list for a Sunday lunch motorcycle ride when the weather warms up.

                      - Sean

                      1. I had excellent fries with an excellent burger at Artisanal last week.

                        1. Depends on what style of fries you like. I prefer regular-sized shoe string fries (mickey d's size) to belgian-style fries.

                          I was PLEASANTLY surprised w/ the fries I had at Dylan Prime which were super hot, extra crispy and nicely salted.

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                            There's a place in the east village at Ave. A between 7th and 8th. diagonally across from Niagara. Little dump of a place...but the fries are excellent. The come in two sizes, $4 and $6. The $4 order is probably equal to 4 supersized McD fries. They've got a ton of toppings, all free, although they're (I think) Hellman's, not homemade.

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                              you're referring to the tiny no-name place on the west side of avenue a that also serves egg creams, right? i think a lot of old-timers refer to that place as "ray's", which was apparently its name back in the day.

                          2. I have said it before, and will say it again. Zip Burger on 52nd has excellent Belgian style fries and home-made mayo.

                            1. Burger Joint at Parker Meridian (for the shoestring variety).

                              1. union square coffee shop serves the best herb fries.

                                1. I have eaten fries at many, if not most of the places mentioned above. My favorite fries in NYC and probably anywhere else are to be found at the steakhouse Cite.

                                  1. Balthazar or Schiller's.

                                    1. The fries at Les Halles are outstanding...too bad I can't say that about the steaks.

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                                        Couldn't agree more. Which is why I prefer the steak frites at Balthazar.

                                        And, incidentally, isn't it funny how some recommend Schiller's fries, without recommending the mother ship?

                                        - Sean

                                      2. I LOVE the pomme frites at Balthazar

                                        1. Have we mentioned Petite Abeille in the above? I'm coming to have a new appreciation for their fries, washed down with a lovely Belgian beer? The terrible thing is that the place is one block from my office, which is a wicked temptation to put before a weak sinner like me..

                                          - Sean

                                          1. Artisanal, hands down.

                                            1. B. Cafe. Unfortunately, they don't have the same selection of dipping sauces as their old place (B. Frites), but the new place is great.

                                              They also serve the best $22 steak frites in Manhattan, IMHO.