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Jan 29, 2007 06:03 AM

LOST (tv show) party. Food ideas?

So I am having a LOST party for the first episode of the new season in a few weeks and I was hoping to make some LOST-themed food or drink. Anyone who watches the show have an idea of what I could serve? I was thinking maybe putting stuff in generic bags and boxes with the Dharma logo on it or something. Maybe a big jar of ranch dressing next to the veggie tray. And cut up fruit. And cookies shaped like fish biscuits. Any other good ideas?

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  1. Definitely something with peanut butter :)

    I really like your presentation ideas - those are awesome!

    A different take on it: you could serve a variety of items that you would want with you on a desert island...or have a tropical theme - lots of pina coladas, pineapple/meat satays and that sort of thing.

    1. My first instinct was that you should go for the tropical theme. Pina coladas. Pork ribs (in honor of the wild boar). Fish biscuits are a good idea! Maybe Dharma logo-shaped cookies, frosted with black and white frosting for the design. And peanut butter, definitely.

      1. Also raw fish and sea urchin (remember when Jin caught it and tried to share with the other islanders?). Or, to make it easier, how about sashimi?

        Also, how about frozen dinners. Or, food put into those sectioned plates. Didn't the survivors initially eat the food off the plane?

        Poor Hurley, what were some of the items he ate from the food drop? I only remember the giant tub of dressing. But, I think there were other snack foods.

        Sounds like a fun concept.

        1. I was actually thinking of doing a similar theme, and roasting up some wild boar... but the price kind of put me off ($25+ per lb). Pork ribs would be great, though, as would mango & coconut, sashimi (maybe some sea urchin?). And don't forget the Apollo chocolate bars!

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            Pulled pork and say it is wild boar. It is just for the show. If somebody asks, tell them that it isn't actually wild boar.

          2. Thanks everyone, I actually found this link, which is giving me some ideas!


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              By the way, here's a great link with Dharma labels that you can print out and put on your own generic foodstuffs!

              My favorites: Cocoa-Flavored Wax Treat CHOCOLATE, and Spreadable Legume Protein Paste PEANUT BUTTER.


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                Do you or anyone else happen to have this download saved on your computer? The link above has been disabled, and I'm trying to track down some Dharma logos...
                Or... do you know offhand where another is located?

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                thanks for the great link, it was really funny to remember some old snacks from the show. I actually put together a list of snacks to enjoy while watching the show and this list was helpful. I think some of the snacks I put together are good but I'd love some of your thoughts. Check out the post at