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Jan 29, 2007 05:45 AM

The Pantry, Hartford CT

We had breakfast on Saturday at The Pantry on Capitol Street in Hartford, CT, and we were both really happy with the experience. The place was recently purchased by a young couple, at least one of whom is from Vermont (land of real maple syrup, Cabot butter, etc.), and it is warm and charming and somewhere between crunchy and hip, but clearly not pretentious. The place serves breakfast and lunch 6 days a week, and the menu is diverse and cool. I had a "Jalapeno Wrap", which consists of cage-free eggs, diced red/green peppers, onions and jalepenos (and cheese, although I didn't have cheese on mine), wrapped in high quality (rare these days) flour tortilla, lightly seared on the griddle, and served with two types of salsa, homefries, and cilantro garnish. My wife had two eggs over-medium, home fries and rye toast with butter. The food was served hot, it was obviously fresh, and it was really tasty. We were also the beneficiaries of the hosts' generosity: we were each given a small sample of Grandma's Oatmeal, which, with its cloves, cinnamon, and other spices, is unique and incredibly flavorful, and made us both seriously happy.

It's a cool place and the owners really seem to "get it". I very much hope it succeeds.

(We learned about the restaurant in the Hartford Courant:,0,...)

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  1. I went to The Pantry this Saturday based on the rec above and I must say I agree with them. It's a cool litlle place with good food. The pancake I had was perfect. Good coffee, excellent omlets. I did take a while to get comfortable sitting on the stools.

    1. Definitely worth trying. Grateful granola pancakes on a cold Saturday morning a must. If you make it for lunch, ask for the day specials. A favorite one is the tamarind shrimp salad and a thai shrimp soup over noodles or rice. Their chili is also delicious with a nice mild kick. Love the little place, lots of charm and good food.