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Jan 29, 2007 05:43 AM

Iowa City -- La Reyna sort of open for dinner

La Reyna has been sort of open for dinner the last 2-3 weeks. We've been for dinner three times and Saturday was the first time they had dinner-specific menus! They also hand out the lunch menu with tacos, burritos, etc, but the dinner listing had "platos" with rice and their tasty beans. Carmen will put together whatever you want, if she has it on hand. They're waiting for more equipment, etc. There are about a dozen tables and they plan to expand into the larger connecting space next door for more tables, dance floor, and entertainment (the "bar" plan has been dropped).

Their famous salsa, a fantastic homemade pico de gallo with avocado, arrives with homemade chips (frankly a bit stale the times we've been. Try the very tasty barbacoa or carnitas. Warning: if you order a burrito, don't order anything else! I only managed 1/2 of the monster and I'm a big guy.

They're kind of slowly getting their dinner act together. Try it now, before everyone finds out.

La Reyna
1937 Keokuk St

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  1. La Reyna rocks! But they are still getting their legs under'em so please go and support them while they figure things out. It'll be worth it to maintain this level of authenticity in IC

    1. Absolutely agree with Devotay! This place is out of the ordinary and unique, let's keep it around a while.

      We went on Friday, the place was packed. We ordered the 'Plato de Chile Rellenos(stuffed peppers)', delicious. This place is worth the wait.
      Carmen came out and did a walk-around to make sure everyone was happy. She's a joy.

      Give it a try.

      1. Nice to know there's something continuing, although there was something unbelievably charming about eating tamales in their parking lot. And what a view! Kmart is even prettier from behind than in front.
        I am always mystified by the droves shuffling through the doors for their reheated slop at other "mexcellent" spots. Watered down margaritas and chips for the gringos; plaster stalagtites that threaten tetnus. May the 80's Chi Chi's paradigm quietly pass into distant memory. Hopefully, many other Mexicans will stop imitating white people imitating Mexicans. KS

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        1. re: kellog sully

          Do they have anything vegetarian on their dinner menus? Anyone have any more up-to-date reports? I'm going to have to stop by soon...

          1. re: rwc

            Last time I was there they had 'rajas con queso', wife recommends that dish for anyone thats vegetarian. sliced poblano peppers and cheese.

        2. well my experience there wasn't very pleasant. The waitress was new and really showed it, We didn't get the salsa you mentioned but a watery salsa whirred in a blender. There was only me and my daughter and another table with two guys and she wasn't serving them well either. Will I go back? Doubtful, I would rather dine at Lupitas in Cedar Rapids and by the way her tamales are excelente and only 1 dollar a piece or 10 dollars for a dozen. She does a super business and very authentic.