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Drinks/Little Bites late afternoon today Union Square area?

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Hello- I'm looking to meet up with an old friend today between 4-5 around the union square area. Anyone have ideas for a good place where we can talk, have some wine or cocktails and maybe a few bites to eat? I would love it if somewhere had a good happy hour/ Monday special. I'm thinking maybe Park Bar but I would love another idea. Somewhere warm is a must (no winter wind blasting into the bar!). Thanks

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  1. You might try Casa Mono or Bar Jamon, on Irving Place.

    1. Casa Mono and Bar Jamon are great suggestions.
      Agave has a happy hour from 4-7 with some tortilla chips and salsa/olives. It's further out, but I like the atmosphere.

      1. Craftbar, Havana Central, Steak Frites, Gramercy Tavern, Pizza Fresca.

        1. Gramercy Tavern would be my pick.

          I like Casa Mono; however, based on the fact that there is no shield between the entrance and what is a very small space, you might end up having to contend with that blast of cold air you mentioned.

          Boqueria is the relatively new tapas place on 19th St. I've not been, but it seems to be garnering positive reports.


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            Casa Mono (and some of the other suggestions) are quite expensive; wines at CM are around $13-27 for a quartino, which isn't much more than a glass, although the quality is excellent. At Bar Carera nearby on 2nd Ave, tapas are all $3.5 and the Spanish wines are very nice. Next door is Bar Veloce, basically and Italian version of the same thing. If I were whiling away time catching up with an old friend, I'd do BC or BV.

          2. I was just about to recommend Boqueria, and RGR beat me to the punch.

            1. Blue Water Grill is open all afternoon and would be mellow around the time and a nice quiet (at least til 6) place to eat some oysters or seafood snacks...

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                Belmont Lounge on 15th St., east side of Union Square. The food is standard bar food, but it's a nice, cozy place to sit and I bet they have a happy hour.