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Sama's Cafe - Middlebury Market, VT

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Went to Sama's Cafe in the Middlebury Market for the first time yesterday for lunch.
I had a tuna melt with cheddar and tomato, and my DH had 1/2 cajun chicken salad sandwich and chowder.
My tuna melt was excellent. Toasted just right with the right amount of cheese. I would have liked a little more tomato though. DH said his meal was really good as well.
The only negative I found was that service was a bit slow and disorganized.
Has anyone else who reads this board eaten there? Can you recommend any one particular dish? The pizza looked good. Would like to go back and try something different.

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  1. Where is this? Is this what used to be the Blue Hen, Ali Baba's et al? I haven't heard of it, but sounds good!

    1. If you are heading toward the college, it is just past the Otter Creek Bakery on your right...next to the florist shop. My DH believes it's where the Blue Hen was.

      1. Ok, Blue Hen, Ali Babas, several other places through the years. I haven't eaten there, but sounds great! It's nice to just grab a sandwich sometimes and the bakery is not the best place to eat unless it's summer, because it's so darn small! Thanks for the tip!

        1. I just recently found Sama's also. I have been there for breakfast, coffee, and lunch. For breakfast and lunch I dealt with Sama directly. He is a good guy and a great chef. Is the pace a little leisurely? Sure, a little. But I actually like that, Middlebury is my refuge from the fast pace life elsewhere.
          I had a ham, cheese and mushroom omelette for breakfast and it was huge and delicious. For lunch I had the falafel sandwich that also was huge and really good. I saw the homemade mac and cheese the last time I was there and can't wait to try it.
          The prices are reasonable for what you get. My falafel lunch with a coke and the side of bean salad (included), was under $7.50. Breakfast was about the same with coffee.

          1. I hadn't been inside there since it was Baba's, but we went for brunch on Sunday and it was really quite nice! They've expanded the seating into the back, where it reminds me of a ski lodge with a big stone hearth. For $8 they have a buffet with Green Mountain coffee or tea - I got eggs, bacon, pancakes, a cinnamon roll and fruit salad (the good kind, with pineapple, starfruit, grapes, melon, berries etc). They also had salmon, sausages, french toast, and lots of pastries. Good food, value, and casual atmosphere.

            1. Finally was in Middlebury on Friday at lunchtime and to to try this out. I had a panini with brie, roasted red pepper, chicken, and pesto. Yum. My friend had some soup and a fried fish sandwich which she also liked. Very pleasant place. Simple, affordable, nice menu. I didn't check into it but it looks like they serve dinners as well. Something to look forward to trying.

              1. I too finally stopped in on Sunday afternoon. Maybe it was my mood, but I just wanted a plain sandwich, and their specialty sandwiches didn't really interest me. Their "hot" food, looked a little, um, old, there was pizza and mac and cheese that had that "been there too long" look to them. Ended up getting a caesar salad, no chicken. I sat down and started to read a book, since I thought it would be a few minutes. I didn't even open the cover when they said it was done, which led me to believe it was pre-packaged. It was passable, but was just some romaine with pre-shredded parm (too much IMO), and what I think was jarred dressing on the side. And I was a little mad it was $5 for about three chopped lettuce leaves. Certainly nothing to write home about.

                I'm not going to totally write this off, maybe the sandwiches are better. One saving grace was they had croissants and muffins halfs at the counter to sample. I was starving and the cranberry muffin was a nice treat to munch on the way back to the car! :-)

                I just read about the Sunday brunch. I didn't see any of that food there?? Maybe I missed it? It was after 1 p.m.

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                  Well, I was there with the in-laws, so I'm sure we went around 9 am. Too bad about the lame lunch food... I guess I won't bother with that when there's Noonie's and Otter creek around!

                2. I was there last night for the pizza and it was really good! We had the Buffalo Mozzarella pizza which had whole cloves of roast garlic, nice artichoke hearts, fresh tomato slices, and more cheese than you could shake a stick at! I'd never had Buffalo mozzarella before. It's a little sweeter than your average mozzarella, but that did not detract from the over all experience of the pie. Sama served us. Very nice guy.