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Jan 29, 2007 04:26 AM

Microwave convection ovens-all made by Sharp?

I'm still searching out appliances for my remodel...I'm getting a single wall oven but would like a 'matching' (trim at least) micowave (although quality is more important). A salesperson told me recently that Wolf, Dacor, Viking and maybe a few more of the high-end MWs are all made by Sharp--they just add the door label & some pricey trim. Sharp's models don't come out so well in Consumer Reports...CR also says that the MW-convection combination doesn't do both well.

Anyone out there have opinions on this? Do you know if MW/convection really does work well and who makes a good combo model? thanks in advance...!

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    In my opinion Microwave - Convection cooking are incompatible technologies when placed into the same box.

    For the most part they cannot cook quality into a food product that needs old fashioned time. Thus, any speed savings compromises quality.

    Lets say I am not fond of Sharp, when Amana has been the leader for years. Of course I am speaking of higher powered Microwaves only. Convection is either dry heat or steam, not found microwave energy. Individual units necessary.

    BTW- Amana Commercial makes combo units but they still are not recomended