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Jan 29, 2007 04:09 AM

Top 3 in Healdsburg Area

We are going to be in Healdsburg in a few weeks, and I'm looking for some feedback on the top restaurants in the area. Can you share your top 3 for dinner and in what order you would eat at them? I have a sentimental spot for Bistro Ralph and will go there for lunch one day. Is Cyrus as good as the media is reporting? And are there any other restaurants (other than TFL) that would be worth the drive (and drive back) from Healdsburg for dinner? Thanks.


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  1. I am *not* a big fan of Cyrus, but lots of people are. A search of the site shuld provide lots of feedback on Cyrus.

    1. I am a HUGE fan... they will not disappoint.
      If you don't do the TM (which we did and strongly recommend), do have the risotto - it is exceptional.
      Great bartender, good wines, cool bar menu, sensational anyway you slice it.

      1. OH! Top 3...
        CYRUS, RAVENOUS, and maybe Will's or Dry Creek for a third...

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        1. re: truefoodie

          How does this lineup sound for someone staying at Farmhouse Inn for 4 nights:

          1. Underwood
          2. Ravenous
          3. Farmhouse Inn
          4. Cyrus

          I would like for each meal to build on the previous one.

          1. re: LPM

            1. Underwood = nothing to write home about - loud, with absent-minded service and pedestrian food
            2. Ravenous = good food, horrible service
            3. Farmhouse Inn = fabulous (be ready to pay)
            4. Cyrus = good experience, but chef has too heavy a hand with the salt cellar (I'll try again, perhaps an off night [be ready to pay ++)

        2. Farmhouse and Cyrus are both fantastic. Lots of folks on this board like Ravenous - I haven't been there. Haven't heard anything about Underwood.

          Maybe it's just me, but I have trouble when I stack a lot of indulgent dinners in a row like that. More than a couple of fine dinners in a row and my experience at every place suffers - because I can't keep up my appetite, enthusiasm, focus, etc. I'd pass on at least one place and do something off-beat, whether a wine bar or ethnic or take-out or nothing...

          1. I know what you mean about stacking meals like that. On the other hand, it's a situation of "who knows when we'll be back." I had never heard of Underwood, but it was recommended by the people at the Farmhouse Inn as a good, casual first-night meal.

            Does anyone know if Juanita! Juanita! is still open in the Sonoma area? I had a great lunch there in 2002.