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New Baby Freezer Ideas

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I am making a few dishes to go in the freezer of some friends who will have a new baby any day. I'd love to make soemthing that could feed up to 4 or could last them more than 1 meal, depending on how much company they have. Also, want something they can defrost, heat up and eat. I am planning to do baked ziti and maybe enchiladas. Chili's out, as they already have their own in the freezer. any other ideas? anyone have a great recipe that freezes well? Thanks for all ideas!

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  1. Chicken cutlet parm is another great dinner that freezes well, as does stuffed shells. Anything with a marinara type sauce is great- meatballs with sauce all they do is boil the pasta. Chicken caccitore freezes well. Beef stew is great. I have frozen pork chops with vinegar peppers. You can freeze and reheat almost anything. I usually cook on weekends and freeze it all for meals all week. Not much doesn't reheat well.

    1. I just wanted to pop in and say that the title made me laugh out loud, because I read it so very wrong.
      Anyways, I think lasagnas would be good, as well as some heartier soups that they could pair with rice.

      1. putting a baby in the freezer is just wrong...

        1. Does it have to be frozen? I'm about to make my fourth "week of meals" baby gift in a week. I provide a week's worth of refrigerated meals for friends of mine who have new ones. The stuff I make holds up fine for a week in the fridge. Here's a sample menu for the last baby's family:

          Maple Syrup and Mustard Glazed Cornish hens
          Mashed Potatoes

          Latin-Style Flank Steak
          Spiced Couscous
          Chopped grilled veggies

          Shredded Pork Tenderloin with Lime Sauce
          Steamed Rice

          Ham and Gruyere Quiche

          Grilled Spice-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin Steaks with Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce
          Smokey Black-eyed Peas

          I also put in a bottle of homemade Honey-Lemon dressing, some good boxed salad greens, homemade croutons, a couple dozen buttermilk rolls and an assortment of cookies and brownies.

          I suppose some of that could be frozen, but I make them to be consumed that week, and all of them have said the meals held up fine for reheating.

          1. Yes.. baby freezer....funny headline. I've given butternut squash soup, and red lentil soup...both yellow, but both easy to make, give, and healthy,

            1. I cracked up when I read the replies! I didn't even think, but the headline reads like I'm trying to put my new baby in the freezer. Clearly, I'm trying to freeze someone else's baby :)

              Thanks for the ideas. Keep 'em coming! I like the idea of stuff that can be eaten without being frozen. I think I will check with the couple as to what they'd prefer. Chowhounders are great....

              1. I thought it was a new kind of appliance -- a really small freezer? (I live in space-challenged Manhattan -- it seemed like a reasonable possibility...)

                In keeping with the lasagna and stuffed shells suggestions, a luscious Mac & Cheese would be lovely.

                What a fine gift! Food made with love for an expanding family . Brilliant!

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                  HAHAH That is a funny way to read it too! :)

                2. I usually like to make won tons or potstickers and stick em in the freezer - you can cook as many or as few as you like at a time.

                  1. I was coming back to post just that suggestion. Wontons freeze quite well! Good idea, kcchan!