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Jan 29, 2007 03:55 AM

Bill Rieber's restaurant

Does anyone remember a restaurant called Bill Rieber's from the 1940's in Westchester? We're trying to place it. Thanks

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  1. I rember Bill Riebers in White Plains on Mamaroneck ave.


    1. Bill Riebers was in Elmsford, right off the Saw Mill Parkway. It is now Antun's.

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        i remember. Go west onTarrytown Rd (119), to Elmsford, over the RR tracks, go left as if to go south on the Saw Mill River Pkwy.

      2. Sounds really familiar - also there was a place near Ardsley - water wheel?

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          Water wheel restaurant "westchester's most gracious supper club" was/is on 9-A in Ardsley. Anyone for your nearest Howard Johnsons?

        2. Rieber's Tale of the Fox? Believe it was in Elmsford

          1. I am his grand daughter. It was originally in Armonk and then moved to Elmsford on the Saw Mill River Parkway. It is also spelled Reiber.

            Saw Mill
            501 South Ave, Schenectady, NY 12305

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                That would make us 2nd cousins. I am Jack Reiber's granddaughter. Marguerite's daughter.

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                  I am sorry it took a few years to get back with you. My mother is June Shaughnessy and married my father, Jack Reiber. She is well and living in Florida as well as myself and sister. My brother Bill Reiber passed away way too young but if you have any extra memorabilia I would appreciate it if you could get in touch and maybe pass something on for his children. Our father passed away when Bill was only 12. Hope your mohter is well.

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                  My mother worked at Bill Reiber's during the last couple of years before it closed during the late 1960's early 70's. I worked there too, near the end. I remember the dining room had a huge tree growing through the ceiling, (it was preserved then), but had been alive once.

                  There was still a lot of original art and memorabilia in the restaurant from the 1930's and 40's. When it finally closed for good, the owner gave my mother a couple of things she had admired. I have the large German beer stein she was given by him. It has a colorful illustration of a man sitting with a stein and a fiddle. The words "Weils mi fueut" are written below. I think it means "Weils mi Pleases".

                  If you'd like to see a photo of the stein please email g.mirando@verizon.net and reference "Beer Stein" in the subject area.


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                    okay, not sure if this thread is still going, but I'll add my bit. My dad played guitar in the house band at Bill Reibers - not sure if the band had a name. But dad's passed away and we are going to have some work done on his guitar. One guitar craftsman asked if there were any recordings of dad playing the guitar and I've been scouting around to see if anyone knows. It's exciting to see this thread. I would be curious to connect with any of the descendants of Bill Reibers.

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                      I am Jack Reiber's granddaughter, Bill Reiber's grand neice. My mom, Marguerite, and aunt, Hazel, ran the Bill Reiber's for many years, until they sold it in the early 60's. My mom is now 90 and still doing well, living in Atlanta. We've got lots of memorabilia from the Restaurant -- and many wonderful memories. Fun to read this thread.

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                        My parents were married in 1956 and had their reception at Bill Reibers. I have never been there - it's always seemed like a mythological place to me, because we had moved to SC by the time I came along, and I never really knew where it was. My mom is in her 80's, living in SC and doing well. I can't wait to ask her more about her memories. Thanks for responding.