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Jan 28, 2007 11:55 PM

A restaurant worth buying out for 120 people?

I'm tossing around ideas for a wedding...

Is there a restaurant that's delicious enough to be worth buying out for a group of 120? I know that's not many, but the list on isn't particularly inspiring (Jar, for example. Food's not bad, but what an uninspired interior).

Has anyone had experience buying out a restaurant in LA, northern OC, or the western IE for a group of 12?

I have some other ideas I'm tossing around, and I'll post for help as they come to me.

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  1. Depending on your budget... Cicada! You can either get the entire place, or I believe you can rent out the upstairs lounge area. Either way, there's no better interior, and while the food sometimes gets dissed or dismissed on this board, when I was there for a wedding (about 115 people) the food was fantastic. Best wedding food I've ever had, and every guest said the same thing. Ok, so it was my wedding, but I'm perfectly capable of objectivity!

    You really can't beat the setting. It was a pretty dreamy evening. Can't recommend it enough, actually.

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      Thanks! The website is beautiful. May I ask what kind of budget we're talking about for 115 people? Just a rough number is fine. Was it a $30k wedding or a $100k wedding, for example? I will call today and ask; it would just be nice to know what someone else got away with paying. :) Thanks so much

      The catering menu does look good:

      I just can't bear to send out invitations with chicken, beef, and salmon as the choices for dinner. SNORE! I'd lose all my Chowhound cred.

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        Well, we definitely went over the tiny budget we'd hoped for, but negotiated with them to do a 3 course served meal (their wait staff was fantastic - formal enough to make it seem really special) for 115 for 10K. We had the entire place all night -- but, we did it on a Sunday night in order to get that price. Saturday or Friday prices are much higher. After looking at a lot of different places, we chose Cicada and it was really the most amazing night.

        Obviously, with chowhoundish tendencies, the food was really important to us, and we were really, really pleased. Oh, we also had open bar all evening, and passed hors d'ouerves during the cocktail hour. Now that I think of it, with the extra things we asked them to do (special menus for the kids, vender meals, etc.) it was closer to 15k... still, not bad, considering.

        Good luck with all the planning! Let us know how it's all going. My wedding was last year, and I'm more than happy to talk wedding.

        Oh, and about the penthouse at the top of the Oviatt building -- that was what we'd originally wanted to do, but it was just going to be way out of our budget. But, if you can swing it, it would be pretty spectacular!

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          Thanks! That's a great price. If you don't mind talking wedding, I think it's getting a little specific for the board. Could you e-mail me? chezpeiatgmaildotcom. Thank you so much!

          1. re: Pei

            Sure thing - I'll shoot off an email in a minute. I just wanted to add here that Cicada was also our choice because we wanted to have the ceremony and reception in the same place... so we had the ceremony downstairs, then cocktail hour upstairs while they set up tables downstairs, then guests came back down for dinner and dancing. (We hired a band.) It worked really well.

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        How about the Penthouse at the top of the building that Cicada is in, The Oviatt, that is stunning.

        1. re: SauceSupreme

          Sorry about that. Definitely 120. I wish it were 12.

        2. I looked into doing this exact thing. I was very impressed by Cafe Del Rey in Marina del Rey. The food is good and they seemed very, very easy to work with. There is room for a dance floor, they'll let you order off the entire menu, they'll give you a deal on the bar (by the drink or by the person -- whichever is cheaper at the end of the night), etc. You'd probably be looking at something in the area of $25,000 to rent out the entire place.

          1. Have you considered Chinese?

            You can reserve the entire restaurant (and not just a room) at Triumphal Palace in Alhambra if your party is 120 (e.g. 12 tables at 10 persons/table). Depending on your menu, the price for food for each table can be anywhere from $250 to $800+.

            1. I don't know about prices, but if Italian sounds interesting, I think either Matteo's in Westwood or Cucina Paradiso would be fantastic for a wedding.