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Jan 28, 2007 11:26 PM

Old French canned food found in the pantry, with expiration dates. What to do?

While writing a response involving canned food, I remembered something in my pantry.

I found these just the other day. They may not be edible any longer.

2 cans.

1) Caviar d'Aubergines a la Russe. (Eggplant in oil seasoned with onions, tomatoes, sugar, salt and spices.) On the can are written F 24.396.01 CEE L26/06/00 P14 A 177 52

2) Bloc de Foie Gras de Canard avec Morceaux. BC 726 M FAB LE 03/10/01 CON LE 03/10/05 F 46-309-01 CEE

I am afraid these cans expired. They look fine. Not dented, clean. Should I throw them out?

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  1. 2) FABriquée (Manufactured) 10/03/2001, CONsommer (avant - use before) 10/03/2005
    1) seems to have exp date 06/26/00
    Whose nose? I'd at least open & smell.

    1. Okay. Open, smell. If it seems good, then what?
      I've never had canned duck liver before (knowingly). I don't have to cook it, do I?

      What about the eggplant. It's all vegetables, no meat. Too old? Do cans get bad? They must - why would they bother with an expiration date, or a "best before" date?

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        "I don't have to cook it, do I?" No, you don't. Anything in a can has been cooked by virtue of the canning process.