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Jan 28, 2007 11:12 PM

Angelica's (Sea Bright NJ)

We made it to Angelica's this evening. Got there early before the crowds. We had the salmon (very good), fett alfredo (good) and the penne marinara (very good). Also, tried the escarole and bean soup (very good- little too much salt) and the cucumber and feta salad (very good). The desserts were the weak part. Not a large selection. The creme brulee was hot and liquidy (?!?) but the canoli w/pistachios was excellent.

Many specials offered. The server tells you as its not written anywhere for you to read.

After a little while the place filled up and the servers were overwhelmed and service suffered. No refilling water glasses. So when you are seated ask for a water pitcher to be left on the table. BYO

Sadly the prices are over my budget and this will have to be a rare visit but I do recommend it.

FYI prices: Escarole soup $6 (large bowl), Cucumber salad $12, Salmon $22, Alfredo $17, desserts $6 each.

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  1. I forgot to mention that I wrote an "appreciation post" for you all but CHOW moved it here:

    1. We really like Angelica's. I always enjoy their specials. One of my favorite is the pasta dish with shrimp and arugala. I do agree the wait staff does get flustered when it gets a little too busy. I also wish the tables were a little more spaced out. I know the place is small, but whenever we go with a group of friends, I have to constantly exuse myself from not hitting other people. Very tight.

      Glad to hear you enjoyed your meals! FYI, don't go on a Sat. night in the summer. It is SO PACKED!! (unless you eat very early)