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Jan 28, 2007 10:02 PM

Need Extremely reasonable Italian in Richmond

Have a lot of friends and we want to get together this week for Italian in Richmond, but we want GOOD food at extremely reasonable prices--Not $20 pp and NOT pizza.

All help will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I recommend Edo's Squid. They have very good pasta for under $10 and the soups are usually $3-$5/bowl and are the best deal in Richmond. You can also get reservations. The other issue you may have is that for parties of 5 or more they serve family style but call them and I'm sure they can help you choose things and keep it under your $20/person.

    1. Another decent place that has family-sized portions is Mama Cucina in Innsbrook. It is also very reasonably priced although I would rate the food at Edo's Squid higher. One thing to know is that it gets rather loud and noisy in Edo's Squid with the exposed brick walls. But it may be more central for all of your friends since it's located in the Fan near VCU.

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        Where in Innsbrook is Mama Cucina? If I am driving up Broad St WEST, is it on the right or left after Cox Rd?


      2. Going on Broad Street west it is on your right just after you cross Cox Road. It's in the Shoppes at Innsbrook where there are quite a few restaurants including Curry House, Capital Ale House, Hondo's, Mexico, Carytown Seafood, and the dreadful China Pearl. Oh and there's a Dairy Queen and of course Boychick's Deli.

        1. Mama Zu's in Oregon Hill near VCU is another top Italian restaurant in Richmond at reasonable prices. It's actually owned and operated by the same people as Edo's Squid but has been around longer. Here's a good review:

          1. True, Mamma Zu is great (my personal fav restaurant in town) but not so good for large parties, mainly because they don't take reservations and its popularity and small dining room make it very difficult to accomodate a large group. Plus because of their small kitchen, no party can order more than 4 different entrees. In other words, if you had 5 in your party, 2 would have to order the same entree assuming the other three ordered different dishes.