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Jan 28, 2007 09:40 PM

New KA mixer - recipe ideas?

Good evening,

Sebby & I recently took posession of a lovely KA Artisan mixer (delayed xmas gift) and I was wondering if folks have any go-to recipes, particularly for breads, that benefit from its touch? How about bread cookbooks?

The only thing I've made so far is the recipe for basic white bread in the included pamphlet. Let's just say it lives up to its billing as basic, and the rest of the recipes aren't exactly inspiring. The Gourmet cookbook has a few interesting-looking breads, as does Hazan's Essentials.

I'm verrrry much a novice breadmaker, but have been enjoying the learning process, despite some failed attempts (the Lahey no-knead method has produced the best results I've made so far, but now that we have a mixer, it can knead for me).


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  1. The mixer is great to have when making pizza dough. I use 2 C. bread flour, 1 C. semolina, 1 tsp. salt, 1 TBS. SAF Instant Rise yeast and about 1 1/2 C. warm water +/- it will depend on the day. Mix all of the dry ingredients well and using the dough hook, starting slowly begin adding the water. You may have to scrape the bowl down occasionally then increase the speed and mix/knead the dough for about 10 minutes or so. It takes longer to get the semolina worked in, the dough is ready when smooth and shiny. Cover and let it rise. I give mine 3 rises.

    I prefer a slightly sticky dough so when I am ready to prepare the pizza I form the crust on a piece of parchment and slied it on to the stone. After about 3-4 mins you can remove the parchment and cook directly on the stone.

    1. For bread books, I'd recommend King Arthur's Whole Grain Baking Book:

      I have this and use it often. What I like is that the recipes give detailed instructions & sometimes pictures (good for newbies like me). Also, I like using whole grains. The end product, to me, taste better and more complex. Besides containing bread recipes, the book also has recipes for cakes, sweets, crackers, breakfast goods, etc.

      Congrats on the new KA! (BTW, I just got the pasta attachment, love it!)

      1. I used my KA mixer Saturday to make a huge batch of cinnamon rolls from a recipe I've used for years out of the Betty Crocker textbook I had in high school. Boy, did the house smell heavenly allll day. It's been yucky outside weatherwise and it had been a while since I'd tackled a yeast dough so I drug out the mixer and got to work. I used the dough hook to knead the dough for two and a half minutes rather than the five minutes the recipe stated if mixed by hand and they came out perfect. Placed butter and a tablespoon of corn syrup in the microwave to melt, poured it into the baking pan, added brown sugar, Costco walnuts and more cinnamon and placed the rolls on top. Surprise, surprise. The recipe was so large I had to get out another baking pan to finish them all. Hubby took some to work yesterday, as did I, and now they are alllll gone :--(

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          Ohhh, I've been hinting at Adam to make cinnamon rolls!

        2. For bread books, also look for Bernard Clayton, Fanny Farmer, Rick Curry, and Brother Juniper. I love my KA. Hubby calls it the "princess" because of the counter space it takes up. Only now that he makes salt-rising bread with much dramatic use of thermometers, heating pads, etc., I haven't heard any complaints about its permanent place in my kitchen.

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