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Jan 28, 2007 09:05 PM

Porto's: Burbank vs. Glendale

Is there a difference in the freshness or quality?

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  1. i haven't been to burbank, but i sincerely hope there's no variation.
    porto's should go nationwide, it's so good.
    then again, maybe just an LA invasion would be good enough.

    1. No, there's no difference in quality. Burbank is a little saner -- the lines move faster and there's not this scrum at the counter like there is in Glendale. (Glendale uses a pick-a-number system, Burbank has a queue.)

      1. There is a difference in what they stock. I asked for cappucinos (a cuban pastry) they said they carried them in Glendale not at the Burbank location. I thought it was odd that they asked if I wanted sugar in my Cuban coffee, by definition any Cuban coffee I have ever had in Miami was 90% sugar. The cuban savories I had were excellent (meat pastelito, tamales, potato ball and croquettes)!

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          I was just in the Burbank Porto's 15 minutes ago and they had cappuccinos (the pastry) on both the cafe side and the bakery side. The lady helping me said they're not made every day, at either location.

        2. Glendale has the atmosphere. The one in Burbank is quiet/more relaxed. The food is still the same at both locations.

          1. The Burbank one is bigger and has their ordering system down. No difference in most of their products, since a lot of their breads is baked off-site.
            The trade off in in-store waiting is that their parking lot is smaller, so you'll have to do your waiting outside!