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Jan 28, 2007 08:33 PM


Can anyone recommend any places along Divisadero or Fillmore that have particularly good, flavorful burgers, with 8-12 ounces of quality ground beef and fresh garnish -- crisp lettuce, tomatoes that don't have the consistncy and flavor of plastic and crisp sweet onions? Crisp, non-frozen fries would be a worthy bonus.


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  1. Try Harry's Bar on Fillmore between Pine/California. Try Frankie's Bohemian Cafe on Divis@Pine. Let us know if either place meets you requirements.

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    1. re: DavidT

      Thanx. Harry's Bar had a good burger: juicy, tasty, and srved medium rare as I requested; crisp, thin fries (the way I like them)and fast service at the bar. Frankie's was unimpressive; dry, overcooked burger and fat, soft fries. The best burgers and fries for my money are still at Balboa Cafe and Zuni.


    2. While not in your immediate vicinity, Big Mouth Burger on 24th @ Valencia makes great burgers, with quite possibly the best burger-accompanying fries in the city. Thick-cut on the premises, with a perfect outer crisp and an air-puffed inside.

      1. How's the burger at NOPA?
        560 Divisadero

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          Burger at NOPA is delicious... and it should be for $12. But, that would have been my recommendation along with the burger at Bean Bag for much less and just across the street on Divis.

        2. for a nonconventional burger also try chez maman on union - otherwise my vote goes with nopa!

          1. Oh, lord, yes, the burger at Nopa is fantastic (and consistent, I've had enough to say)--and if you want to be slightly healthful, you can replace the fries with one of their usually good veggie sides. And of course, Nopa sells burgers at midnight, when G-d intended us to eat them. Speaking of midnight, Zuni's burger is as good or maybe a bit better, but Nopa is so much warmer and friendlier a spot that I haven't been to Z since I discovered N.

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              We often go to Zuni around 10:30 and get seated immediately. Can't walk in and sit down at Nopa until I don't know how late.