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Jan 28, 2007 07:25 PM

Good BBQ food in OC near Irvine?

My husband loves bbq food. Where can we go for GOOD bbq???

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  1. The best I know of in the area is Tulsa Rib Co. on Tustin Ave in Orange. It is a bit north of your immediate area, but is worth a short drive.

    1. Doesn't get mentioned much by others, but I really enjoy the BBQ beef ribs at Ribs on the Run in Laguna Hills. I consider Tulsa Rib to be the best BBQ in OC, but I think Ribs on the Run is just a hair behind.

      There is a Claim Jumper on Alton Pkwy in Irvine, which is probably the closest to you. It's a decent chain with several locations in LA & OC, but slightly pricey for BBQ.

      1. While by "best BBQ food" most Californians mean ribs, I've been influenced by my South Carolinian husband to whom BBQ means pulled pork. Frankly, and this might surprise some, the best we've found in OC is Lucille's in Brea, tho we take our own sauce.

        I like Tulsa Rib Co. Incidentally, they are very good for catering. Most people really enjoy them for that.

        And try out Blake's in Anaheim. They're a bit uneven, but generally good.

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        1. re: Dorothy

          There's now a Lucille's in Lake Forest just North of the 5.

        2. I am also a big fan of Tulsa, but they boil, I believe.
          This might turn off a purist!

          For one of OC's more unique, authentic BBQ joints, check out Burrell's in Santa Ana.
          Besides many different meats, they do some pretty good sides.
          I really like their greens.

          Although there are a couple picnic tables outside, often shared with ants, it should probably be considered as a takeout.

          305 N. Hesperian St.
          Santa Ana, CA 92703

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          1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

            I'm 90% sure that Tulsa Rib Company doesn't boil, but I believe they do bake their ribs before they hit the grill.

            Yes, if they aren't smoked, then technically it's not true BBQ, but purists be darned, Tulsa Rib Company has the best babyt rack ribs I've had in 22 years of living in SoCal.

            I need a return visit to Burrell''s been a few years, but I as never all that impressed. Good, not great. Hopefully a return visit proves otherwise.

            1. re: RSMBob

              Maybe "boil" is too strong a word, but they do seem braised.
              The texture seems a bit too moist for a grill-only preparation.

          2. I agree with recommendations for Lucille's, Tulsa, Burrell's and Blake's, all of them are great BBQ's. I would also add Johnny Reb's in Orange, good BBQ there. In Irvine, near the airport, there is a Clayton Shirley BBQ. Try to avoid it if you can. Not really much to write about that place.