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Jan 28, 2007 06:54 PM

Chinese in Arlington

I'm trying to find a good Chinese restaurant in Arlington. I know the Vietnamese places around here are great, but I'm trying to find Chinese this time. A place with dishes of equal or better caliber to Bob's in Rockville or A&J in Annandale. What are people's favorite Chinese restaurants in the NOVA area?

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  1. There's the dim sum place near Fort Meyer in Rosslyn. Can't remember the name.

      1. I'll second the China Garden dim sum recommendation (Sunday mornings only, I think). Otherwise, in my experience, you'll be much happier with the Thai and Vietnamese choices in Arlington.

        1. Both Bob's and AJ offer Taiwanese and Northern Chinese cuisine, respectively. There's nothing like that in Arlington. The aforementioned China Garden serves cantonese dim sum. Go for the dim sum, as their normal fare isn't as good.

          1. Hong Kong Palace in Seven Corners has a Sichuan menu that has some great selections. Do a search on this board.