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Jan 28, 2007 06:53 PM

Memphis Restaurants

What is your favorite Memphis restaurant and why?

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    1. Encore - downtown......Excellent food, smooth atmosphere and the tab won't break the bank.

      1. My personal favorites:
        Los Tortugas Deli Mexicana on Germantown Parkway. Freshest ingredients prepared thoughtfully. Excellent tacos and they love food.

        Soul Fish on Cooper. Great catfish. Only cuban sandwich (but still good compared to cubans in atlanta) I've found in Memphis. Great deal.

        Taqueria Guadalupana on Summer. Excellent Mexican food in the worst atmosphere imaginable.

        Encore Downtown. Well prepared bistro food for a reasonable price. Nothing else like it or near it in Memphis if you want to spend more than $50 for 2 on dinner.

        Tsunami on Cooper. Great food priced reasonably and perfect atmosphere.

        Bari on Cooper. Can be inconsistent, but when they are on, it's the best Italian in town. Best cheese selection in town. A good bar too.

        Felician Suzanne/Stella/McEwen's Downtown. All pretty much run together doing the upscale Southern food thing, but all are good. A little overpriced...

        Heard good things about EP's Delta Kitchen and a new Italian place out in Collierville.

        1. Erling Jensen's is the best restaurant in Memphis and maybe one of the best in TN, MS and maybe AL.......the food, service, location, atmosphere and wine is the best. Jarrett's is a close second. Folks Folly will do and Bonne Terre is nice but it's outside of town. Nothing compares with EJ's..............

          1. Fave is Jarrett's. I've never been to Erling Jensen's but I'm planning to take Dh there for his birthday next month. We also like Bittersweet in Germantown.