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Jan 28, 2007 06:53 PM

Valentine's dinner

What restaurants this year are offering special Valentine's day dinners? Last year, we went to the Laurentian Room, which was so fantastic. They offered a special menu that night and everything we got was perfect. Plus, they had a live jazz band playing while we ate.

This year, I'm wondering if we should try another place?

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  1. If you like live Jazz, you may want to consider Opal at around Bathurst and Queen.

    1. Beerbistro is offering a four course prix fix Valentine's Day Dinner for $60 - -

      1. Last year I went to Splendido. Not cheap but fantastic. And they stagger the seating times - not 2 sittings!

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          I checked out their Valentine's day menu and it looks really good! I'm seriously considering making a reservation there.