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Best Place for Dessert in Pasadena on Saturday Night?

The Cheesecake Factory is always packed. And it's a factory. Pie and Burger is great if you're in that mood. The streets are lined with sweets shops. But where do YOU go?

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  1. I walk into the Laemmle to grab me some Bulgarini gelato, even if I'm not going to see a film. It's so yum!
    I try to avoid packed places, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

    1. what about the Old Pasadena Baking Co at Mi Piace?

      1. Bulgarini is delicious. One of the best gelati around happens to be a cart in a movie theater.

        I usually avoid Old Town like the plague on weekends, but if you must, Xiomara's chocolate bread pudding souffle is worth trying. Be forewarned it's a substantial dessert -- better shared, especially after a heavy meal.

        With all due respect, Mi Piace is the type of place that piss me off to no end. Bad service, mediocre food, overpriced, and worst of all they really don't seem to give a crap because, for some reason or another, they think they're all that. Incredibly annoying.

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          i was just at Mi Piace earlier today. At 3pm, service was lackluster to a fault. The lot of us almost got whiplash craning our necks and turning around every time our server or a busboy whizzed by. Had to remind our server repeatedly about lots of things (more water, please. Did you take our order yet? Could we get a dessert menu, please?)...

          We were there from 3-5:30. And of course, once the bill came we were made to feel like we should clear out of there as quickly as possible, even though we could have comfortably been out of there by 4:30 if our server had done her job right.

          But, to be more on topic, the desserts are gorgeous but in my experience not anything to write home about. $7.50 for an overly sweet, marzipan laden almond roca cake? Never again. We were glad we shared.

          photos: http://www.chezpei.com/2007/01/mi-pia...

          Sadly, I don't know many places in Old Town so when I go I sometimes end up there any way. Thank goodness it's only a few times a year.

        2. Try The Crepe Vine.

          Not a big fan of their stock menu items, but the sweet crepes are rather good when you need a dessert fix, esp. the banana and and rum crepe served with ice cream. The chocolate fondue isn't bad, either.


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            I would recommend the Crepe Vine too. Especially that banana and rum crepe mentioned above. It was the definate highlight of my lunch there last week. 21 Choices is pretty packed on weekend night but they do serve some good frozen yogurt and the staff is pretty friendly

          2. Have had the chocolate pudinde pan at Xiomara - seriously, it's too big for one person. You can easily share it with someone, and at the bar.

            We used to sit at the bar and order multiple desserts at Mi Piace. It gets a bit too loud for comfort on Friday and Saturday nights though.

            The desserts are Crepe Vine are delish, and the place is cozy enough to talk and relax after a long week.

            Sometimes, we sit at the bar at The Melting Pot and just order a chocolate fondue - my favorite is asking for dark chocolate with walnuts, flambeed. It comes with an assortment of cheesecakes and fruits; definitely shareable.

            Bulgarini's another fave, but he closes shop early. His location is also unpredictable. That said, if you can get it -- please do try it. He's generous with the sampling, and you can take home the fresh gelato in boxes - watch him as he packs it for you.

            We've also sat at Arroyo Chophouse and ordered their huge souffles, although it would take at least 15 minutes to prepare..

            There's also Greenstreet Restaurant, which has this dynamic brownie sundae w/ 3-4 scoops of vanilla, brownies, nuts, whipped cream. It's huge.

            Finally, Bistro 561's desserts can be pretty creative and indulgent, too. The pastry chef trained at Cordon Bleu.

            1. I'd go to the bar at Parkway Grill. The s'mores are made from two lovely homemade graham cookies topped with dark chocolate and marshmallow cream, slightly toasted and swimming in a pool of vanilla cream and raspberry puree. The service is top notch and you'll feel very well taken care of.

              Tuna Toast: http://tokyoastrogirl.blogspot.com/

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                second this!!!! (if you don't go during their peak hours, they'll be happy to get you a table).

                I also really like the desserts at Houston's ... although, the wait is sometimes a buzz kill. (really great brownie sundaes, apple crisp type dessert, etc.).

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                  The Parkway Grill s'mores is still my favorite dessert I've had (more so than even some really excellent treats in France), even 20 years after the first time I had it.

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                    Two weeks ago we had dinner at the Parkway Grill. It is one of the BEST restuarant dinners I've had since moving to LA 2 years ago. I HIGHLY recommend the Chocolate Banana dessert! The service was friendly without being "familiar" and was exceptionally professional. If you go just for a Dessert ... you won't be disappointed. If you're there for an entire meal, it's magic!

                2. Hmmm - I'd reccomend the Crepe Vine - the sweet crepes are nice. The gelato place back by the theatre isn't bad, either, but it still isn't Italy - so I think of it more as ice cream. ;-) I never like the desserts at Twin Palms, but I have friends who love them, so I think it might be a preference issue there - I find them a little heavy handed.

                  1. I highly recommend the coco crepe at Parkway Grill. The desciption is a lobster stuffed crepe topped with coco powder. It sounds rather odd but believe me, definitely worth trying.

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                      Really? No offense, but I always found this to be one of the worst items on their menu ...

                    2. Not your standard dessert item, but how does chocolate sound for dessert? Leonidas Chocolate Cafe (across from the Apple store, near that packed Cheesecake Factory) has awesome hot chocolate and a selection of decent chocolates. Definitely worth a stop, in my opinion...

                      1. There will soon be a Pinkberry on Fair Oaks, just south of Colorado.

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                          Pinkberry's is growing with someone's money. There was absolutely NOTHING on their menu of interest. It's a trendy fad. I hope they make their money while it lasts. YAWN!!! It's expanding like a plague across LA. If you're on Fair Oaks, share a sundae or split at the Fair Oaks Pharmacy. It's nostalgic and GOOD!!! ... the "soda jerks" behind the counter clearly have fun with their creations.

                        2. Bittersweet Chocolate hot fudge sundae at Twohey's, So Pasadena, Huntington at Atlantic.

                          1. Thanks All! We'll definitely be trying these out!