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Jan 28, 2007 06:06 PM

Where should we eat dinner in Ojai?

We will be staying at the Ojai Valley Inn but would like to eat outside the resort. Any recomendations for good food as well as Valentine's Day dinner?

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    1. I haven't eaten at many places there, so can't speak as to what is best, but I had a very good dinner at Auberge. The menu changes monthly, and I don't know if they have a Valentine's Dinner, but here is a link:

      The place looks unassuming from the outside, but not only was the food good, but dinner at dusk on the balcony was lovely.

      (If you search older posts, you'll see references to L'Auberge in Ojai, which was a different operation in the same place. This is Christian Shaffer, of Avenue and the late Chloe.)

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      1. re: Capybara

        Auberge sounds wonderful but they are not open the two nights we will be in Ojai. So sad. We've been to Suzanne's and would like to try something new. Any other suggestions?

      2. The Ranch House is great atmosphere, but the food has really gone downhill, sadly. I actually would like to eat at Maravilla, in the Inn -- but haven't yet. Local's word on Feast Bistro is that service isn't very good, but I haven't tried myself yet. And I know nothing about Bodee's, food wise, but I like the idea and location.

        Otherwise, you're looking at more casual places: Garden Terrace, SeaFresh, Los Caporales. Azu gets good notices on this board, but the locals don't much love it (for attitude, I've been told).

        1. i'd personally stay away from suzanne's and l'auberge, but the maravilla recomendation is solid, get your reservation now!

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          1. re: food_natzi

            Is there no decent restaurant open on Tuesday nights? Maravilla, Auberge, and Suzanne's are all closed according to their websites!

          2. I get ripped every time I say this on CH, but the Ranch House in Meiners Oaks is still my favorite restaurant in southern California. I've gone there an average of three times a year for the last twenty-five years, most recently this spring, and IMHO over the years if anything the quality has gotten a little better.

            Reservations are a must, the hours are a little eccentric and they tend to be closed on weekends for private functions. Take a map if you're going for the first time, it can be hard to find if you don't know the area.


            Ranch House
            500 W Lomita Ave, Ojai, CA 93023