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Jan 28, 2007 05:33 PM

2 dim sum reviews

Over the last 3 weekends, we've sampled 2 dim sum restos: Ambassador (West Beaver Creek in Richmond Hill) & Spring Villa (Woodbine just N of Steeles). Here's what we thought:
Service - the same - fine at both
Decor - ditto
Dumplings - Spring Villa had better fillings (more whole shrimp, less doughy) & more variety for non-pork lovers like myself
Fried stuff (squid, spring rolls, fried dumplings) - less greasy at Spring Villa and definitely felt like the food was served faster (aka hotter)
Sticky rice - MUCH better at Spring Villa - more meat, better texture
Price- Spring Villa was slightly cheaper, but not by much

Overall, I think Spring Villa won us over by a couple of points - the quality of the food was a bit better and everything tasted a bit fresher. Ambassador is still very good. I just wanted to post this as I haven't seen much posted about Spring Villa and it's certainly VERY good dim sum.

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  1. Thanks for writing the report. I hadn't heard of Spring Villa before. I'll be adding it to my list. Happy to hear there's dim sum at the Ambassador level or better that happens to be closer to Toronto than Highway 7.

    But I'm not sure I'm ready for something served fresher aka hotter than Ambassador's dim sum. I nursed a roof of the mouth burn for a few days after being a little too hungry and eager for har gow on one particular visit to Ambassador;)

    Do you order from the menu at Spring Villa, like at Ambassador?

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      that's funny, i used to know the owners of Spring Villa quite a whiles ago. they do serve off of a menu and are rather proud to tout the no msg line.

      i've found the food in general there to be quite enjoyable although more on the expensive side of what i was used to at the time. granted, i don't go to ambassador that often.

    2. I'll add that the time it takes to bring out dishes and the temperature of them at Ambassador is very inconsistent. Some days, some dishes will come come out quick and hot, others dishes take their time and are cool, or vice versa.

      I think it may be possible that off the menu does not necessarily imply made to order. Rather, the food is probably prepared in big batches as it would be done for cart service, but the food sits in the kitchen rather than a cart. Please note, that I know nothing of how a professional kitchen (or even domestic, for that matter) operates, and this is all conjecture.

      This Spring Villa seems to be near my neck of the woods, I guess I will have to make it my duty to try it.