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Jan 28, 2007 05:29 PM

Wines at Sam's Club

I've read lots of good recommendations about the wines at Costco...any thoughts on the wine selections at Sam's Club?

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  1. I have never seen wine at Sams Club

    1. I've purchased wine at Sam's club. It's priced reasonably but not a great bargain. The selection is whatever is popular at the time. It is okay. Trader Joe's is more fun and you can get great wine cheap at TJs.

      1. They do have some great special buys on occasion. Personally I think they have good prices and a fair selection. There aren't Trader Joes in our area.

        1. Costco has a better selection. TJ's and Costco have better prices.

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            Lots of people have neither TJ's nor Costco nearby. I would be interested in any Sam's recs anyone wants to share.

          2. I agree with Katj, the prices are not a real bargain - not like the legendary prices at TJ's, but I've always been impressed that some of our state wineries are fairly well represented in Sam's bins. The selection may not be very deep, but I have always found it fairly broad.