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Jan 28, 2007 05:22 PM

Puerto Nuevo for lobster or stay in Rosarito?

Seattle Chowhound and accomplice are heading to San Diego for a brief interlude from an extremely miserable winter in the Northwest. We are sneaking away to the Baja for a daytrip and are thinking of taking a Mexicoach from the border to Rosarito for some well deserved semi-warm weather. Expected to have a drink or three at the cantinas on the beach but want the best baja spiny lobster experience in the area. If it means taking a taxi to Puerto Nuevo, we are isn't an object but I'm hoping a best experience involves dining on the beach...

Any suggestions?

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  1. Puerto Nuevo is on a cliff above the beach, Rosarito is more at sea level. Though I haven't been to either spot recently (i.e. within the last year or so) I don't recall any restaurant that is right on the beach a la the talapa restaurants of mainland Mexico beaches. Both are heavily gringoized. Since all PN does is lobster you'll have your choice of about 50 separate little restaurants to choose from.

    If it were me, I'd skip both PN and Rosarito and head another 10 or 15 minutes south to La Mision and La Fonda. It's not exactly on the beach either, but it is perched directly above the beach and sitting on the terrace at sunset with drink in hand listening to the waves crash below isn[t too bad. The food at La Fond should be better than almost anything in PN and most of Rosarito. They probably do some version of the PN lobster dinner.

    Your weather has been pretty dreadful this winter I don't blame you at all for wanting to get away. When are you coming down, San Diego was overcast and grey today with temps in the mid-60s. Not expected to warm up much before mid-week and drizzle is predicted off an on.

    1. I had some good seafood in Popotla, the tiny community just south of the Titanic Museum.

      1. There is a lovely spot above the cliffs, not on the beach, before Rosarita and Puerto Nuevo...called Los Archos.
        I think this may be a website for it..

        There are other posts on Chowhound, search...I have found them...regarding this topic....and while I have loved my excursions to Puerto Nuevo, and we have had many, the famous lobster dinner is just about the same wherever one goes, although we do have our favs, don't know the names, based on ambience and view.

        I personally don't care for Rosarita. I have had friends, although not myself, who have gone to Los Archos for a reprieve, and been very happy. Again, don't know if they have the lobster dinner of grilled lobster, beans, rice, tortillas, etc....steaks, beef, chicken....but I have been at this hotel, on the patio, enjoyed drinks, lovely pool, great view, waves splashing. Check it out.

        1. Definitely La Fonda for both food & setting!!!

          1. Hi, Tacobushound,

            When you take a bus to Rosarito, you arrive on a side street just east of the Rosarito Beach Hotel entrance.

            Walk north on the ocean side of the street for about 1/2 mile to Vince's Seafood and Fish Market Restaurant, a very large, high-ceilinged space with a second-floor patio overlooking the main boulevard.

            They have live spiny losters in tanks to serve "al gusto", i.e,. fried or steamed "al vapor", and many other freshly prepared items to choose from.

            The family owners started out in Puerto Nuevo and then moved to Rosarito. Everything on the menu is impeccably fresh and much better prepared than anything I've encountered in PN.

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              Sounds perfect. I assume the fried is the traditional preparation from what I've read...