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Jan 28, 2007 05:22 PM

"Funky" and "Modern" Manhattan Restaurant

Am looking for suggestions to pass on to friends from England who are coming here for their Honeymoon. They've asked for something "funky" and "modern", price doesn't matter. This isn't usually what I'm looking for in a restaurant, so I'm having trouble coming up with anything. Thanks in advance for any input...

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  1. Well....funky and modern don't mix very easily that I know of. So much depends on cuisine, but it sounds as if cuisine is a distant second to scene...I'd send them on a tour of the lower easrt side/Rivington St. area. Plenty of hip and funky places on Rivington, LES in general, though I'm not sure food is any good....

    My favorite in the area is neither funky nor modern, Lucien's, a bistro on 1st and 1st.

    1. Freemans located on Freeman's Alley of Rivington St. between Chrystie and Bowery may qualify as funky. They serve mighty good cocktails too and some good appetizers and is in the LES. But, they do not accept reservations so, they may need to go there in the early side - before 7pm. WD-50 may be a fit as well.

      1. Maybe The Stanton Social? thats a pretty funky and modern place

          1. Peep in SoHo has decidely funky decor, including a bathroom with a one way mirror. Food is decent Thai. Momofuku Ssam bar has lots of funky exotic treats (ox tongue!) and has a sleek modern feel. Suba on the LES has an indoor moat -- 'nuff said.

            I'm trying to imagine someone saying "funky" with a Brit accent, and I just can't manage it.