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Jan 28, 2007 05:11 PM

birthday lunch in hollywood this midweek

any suggestions for a good birthday lunch this coming wednesday in the sunset vermont area? don't want the usual chain type places. the following are good but want something differnent and GOOD. tried vermont restaurant, off vine, mussos, bungalow,, cafe des artiste, larchmont places, la brea places, hollywood and highland, the many of the downtown restaurants, ammo, marly. any suggestions? HELP!!! birthday person is not into asian..

THANK YOU in advance for your suggestions

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  1. Blairs on Rowena & Silverlake- simple but delicious food - serves both breakfast & lunch - salads, panini -newly opened during day after being a happening night spot for years. (Ex-chef Water Grill) Dustys on Sunset/Descanso- salads, pastas, crepes - good but not great. Nice atmosphere.

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    1. La Buca - Very good Italian on Melrose at Wilton
      Marouch - Good Lebanese on Santa Monica and Normandie
      Grub - American food on Seward, south of Santa Monica
      Lucky Devil's - American food on Hollywood, at Whitley (get the pecan shake)
      Magnolia - American food on Sunset, east of Vine
      Square One - American food on Fountain, west of Vermont
      Pshaw's - Creole food on Sunset & Gower (this place is not always open, but very good)

      I like all these places. If any of them interest you, do a search. There has been a lot written about each of them.

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        thanks. have been to magnolia and grub both very good.