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why doesn't FTVN recycle the golden oldies?

remember the early days?

The great chefs who did the early cooking shows in spartan sets?

Why doesn't Food TV show some of those chesnuts in a regular revolving showcase?(does it have to do with rights?)

Who would you like to see?

For me:

The Bread show-Naomi & David

Cocolat (lite)

Two Hot Tamales

Marcel Desaulniers on chocolate desserts

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  1. If they'd rerun "Taste," I'd tape the whole series. I'd also love to see Desaulniers. My memory of the very early days is Debbie Fields mixing up cookie batter with her little hand-held mixer, in front of that set that looked like something from a school play.

    1. You only have to check out Guy's Big Bite and Paula's Party to see the direction the FC is headed! So sad, had so much potential.

      1. Those classic cooking shows reflected an interest in teaching cooking, culture, and an appreciation for foodways. Since none of these really encourages pointless merchanidzing, TFN is not interested.

        1. What did the early shows have in common? They were EDUCATIONAL!

          You actually learned something by watching these shows. Such mundane things as Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, aka the Two Hot Tamales, demonstrating how to wash spinach (extremely useful, as most people probably don't know how to do it properly), or David Rosengarten (Taste) making hard-cooked eggs and egg salad, or Michael Lomonaco deglazing a pan, were actually interesting to watch. Or how to cut an onion, use a mirepoix, sweat onions, puree garlic (sans garlic press), ...

          Those WERE the good old days of Food TV.

          1. Yes, I loved Marcel Desaulniers- I had forgotten about him!! I was all about Graham Kerr and Great Chefs too.

            1. The Two Fat Ladies! I miss them...

              1. Ditto! This was my favorite show while it was on.... only one lives , correct?

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                  Yes, the two Fat Ladies rule! One of them did pass away...

                  Cooking, chat, humor, ending with a drink and a smoke - what could be better?

                  1. The reason they don't rerun these shows and a mirriade of other good ones is because they don't appeal to the lowest common denominator. People watching them are actually interested in cooking. Not just being entertained.


                      1. They should do some recycling of the oldies. Molto Mario circa 1995, I wonder if anyone from the food network reads chowhound.

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                          It wouldn't appear that way.


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                            Set your TIVO/DVR - Molto Mario is on every weekday at 10:30 AM.

                          2. Say what you like, but I learned more about the culture/cuisine of other countries from Jeff Smith.

                            To bad he's not around today, he could be a Bishop or politician.