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Jan 28, 2007 04:56 PM

Can I get Sam Adams utopia?

I really would love to try this beer. I live in NYC and have never seen it before. Does anyone know if I can order it or somehow get my hands on some?

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  1. That's the one that's 24% alcohol, and they want $443 per bottle on eBay. I saw it last week at American Beer Distributing, 256 Court Street, Brooklyn. It sells out fast, so call them first, 718-875-0226.

    Googling sam adams utopia brooklyn returns a bar that sells it for $24 per ounce.

      1. The Utopias is crazy intense. I think you need to have a very sophisticated palate to appreciate it. Still, it's an experience that serious beer lovers should seek out, so good luck!

        1. I think your best bet to try Utopias is to go to a beer fest where it is being poured. I've had it at the BeerAdvocate fests in Boston, and it's very different from any other beer I've tried. It's worth trying, but not worth buying a $100+ bottle for IMO.

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            I've had it too, and IMO one could just save themselves a lot of money by buying a decent cognac.

          2. i had the same problem !! you can get it at 'New Beer Wholesale, Inc.' 167 Chrystie Street nyc , 1E0002 tel.. 212 473 8757,,, tell them Emmy sent you if you want.. great place.. i plan to visit it often... tons of diff kinds of beer... NYS law is the problem.. liquor stores don't deal with beer distributers... beer establishments generally don't carry that high a price item... good luck

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              This is an old thread, but if anyone is still interested in tasting this in NYC and not willing to drop the cash for a whole bottle, they pour it at David Copperfields. Still not at all cheap. Something like $30 for a 2 oz pour, perhaps? I don't recall exactly as it doesn't really interest me. But you won't be stuck with a $100 bottle of something you don't care for.

              1. re: Scott V

                Hop Devil Grill in the East Village pours it for $24 for a 2 oz pour. I liked it a lot, but definitely something I would not buy an entire bottle of. That being said, I asked the bartender at Hop Devil Grill how long a bottle lasts after it is opened, he responded "months." So definitely not a "beer" in the sense of opened bottle shelf life.

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                  I'm betting that if you go to the upcoming Beer Advocate Extreme Beer Fest that they'll have it there (basically fo' free)

                  1. re: jgg13

                    You are right. It's on the list.