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Jan 28, 2007 04:35 PM

NYC First timers weekend visit w prego wife

Greetings hounds. Wife and I will be visiting NYC this weekend from San Diego. We are relocating to Jersey this spring and will be doing some house hunting Friday. But we have the rest of the weekend in the City. Looking for some great ideas for meals. I have searched the boards and have seen a few similar threads. Here is kind of the catch on this one. My wife is pregnant. Thus there are some food restrictions, eg no sushi, soft cheeses, etc. She's pretty serious about that stuff. Also will make it difficult to go on major treks to outer burroughs. We are staying at the Marriott East Side. I am more of a hound, she places a lot of value on ambience and the experience. If we are paying lots of money she wants to be treated well in nice environs.

Soooo what are we looking for. We are looking for NY specialties. Things the city is known for, Pizza, Italian, Chinese, whatever. We have two dinners (fri/sat) 2 breakfasts, and 2 lunches. Not looking for anything too expensive, but willing to go to 100 pp for dinners. Hope this gives you enough to work with. Thanks in advance.

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  1. For dinner, you can try securing a table in the ff: L'Impero - New American- Italian @ Tudor City Place which is off 2nd Ave. and 41st to 43rd Sts., Aquavit - Swedish @ 55th St. bet. Madison and Park or The Modern Dining Room at the Moma @ 53rd bet. 6th and 7th Ave. you may try asking your hotels concierge to help you book a spot. These 3 spots are expensive but will be less than 100 per person...maybe more 75 to 85 more or less pp as your prob not going to have a bottle of wine etc.

    Great burger can be had in the Burger Joint inside the Le Parker Meridien Hotel on 56th st. bet. 6th and 7th ave. and good brunch in it;s other hotel outlet called Norma's.

    For cheaper meals, there are good Japanese Izakaya's (serve more cooked food vs. sushi/sashimi) around your hotel on 45th St. and 43rd St. east of Lex. for a romantic late meal Sakagura in the basement of a building on 211 E. 43rd St. bet. 2nd and 3rd ave. is a japanese sake bar that serves japanese tapas and interesting desserts in a very calm,romantic environment and open late - till 2 am at least.

    1. try Phoenix Garden. fantastic cantonese on 40th st, btw 2nd and 3rd ave's. cheap, terrific, always full of devoted locals and chinese.

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        1. Thanks for the replies. Those options sound great. Colleague is taking us to BiCE, so that's our Italian. doesn't impact our dinner nights though. Thinking Steak for one of the dinners: Spark's or Keen's, other?

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            Definitely Keens! Delicious food and incomparable old NY ambiance.


            Why Bice? There are so many other far superior places for Italian.

          2. I'm not sure where the Marriott is, but if you want real old school New York pizza, go up to East Harlem and have lunch at Patsy's on 1st Av. between 117th and 118th Sts. It's not fancy, but it's good pizza! I suggest sharing two pizzas and a salad.