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Jan 28, 2007 04:05 PM

Best Indian in Hollywood?


what's the best indian in the hollywood/south hollywood/koreatown area?

i love Flavor of India on SMB in West Hollywood'

but that's a little far for us (we're in larchmont)

other explored options:

India's Oven on Beverly near LaBrea = decent, hope we can do better

Annapuri on Melrose = not great, too salty, weak dal, bad saag aloo, etc


keep chowin'!

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  1. Give Makkah Halal Tandoori Restaurant a try in Koreatown:
    401 S. Vermont Ave.,#3
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
    (213) 383-9976

    Also in Hollywood proper is Paru's a Southern Indian vegetarian restaurant.

    1. thanks tony!

      makkah halal's location is great

      anyone else have thoughts on this?

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      1. re: wintermute2

        Well as long as you asked- I have been on a long search for Pakistani restaurants in the greater L.A. area that are similar to the great Pakistani restaurants of the San Francisco Tenderloin area. Those restaurants have wonderful food that is cooked to order and prepared as requested in terms of level of spice/heat. Most are ultra casual, 501's and t-shirts are acceptable and service is often friendly, personal and attentive.

        Makkah Halal was the only Pakistani restaurant remaining on my CH and J.G. list of must try places and I went there week before last. Unfortunately I got there between their lunch and dinner hours but I did note their hours and scoped out their menu in the front window. The menu listed both lower lunch and higher dinner prices for the same items so I decided to return for lunch the next day. When I returned the following day, they were really crowded, hopefully a good sign, indicating great grub! I was seated immediately and asked if I wanted the 'All You Can Eat Buffet' and asked if I could look at a menu. I was given a menu, a dinner menu with correspondingly higher dinner prices even though it was during their lunch period. I asked the man that was apparently in charge about the menu and he told me that the lunch prices were only 'for delivery'! That put me in a somewhat grumpy mood, felt like I was getting screwed by the management. As I had driven a long way (twice) I decided to stay and try their $9.95 buffet. The food was pretty good but somewhat bland. They seem to have a lot of business from the folks at the Islamic Center across the street and I was hoping for a more full flavored/spicy Pakistani meal but that was not to be. I will probably give them one more try at dinner to evaluate their prepared to order dishes before I form an opinion about this restaurant.

        1. re: sel

          I have tried the lunch buffet versus the dinner menu. Although you get to try the different dishes with the buffet, the dinner or a la carte menu is quite a bit better. In fact, I think it is in another class altogether. Even the naan bread is in another league. Please try their dinner sometime. You will be surprised.

        2. re: wintermute2

          We get delivery from them all the time. Love the food and high-quality ingredients. They're also extremely friendly.

        3. We liked Tantra on Sunset Blvd. in Silverlake, nice decor too. Didn't like Electric Lotus' food.

          1. Paru on Sunset Blvd. near Vermont is my fave. Just know that it is all vegetarian.

            1. Surya India, 8048 W. 3rd St. (between Crescent Heights Blvd. & Laurel Ave.) L. A.

              Excellent Indian food, very friendly service, attractive restaurant, casual. Zagat rating is 23. Busy street, parking a problem at lunch. Valet parking at dinner.