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Jan 28, 2007 04:03 PM

Seville oranges

A recent item in Saveur has inspired a pressing need for Seville oranges. Four years ago, according to earlier posts, they were sold at Berkeley Bowl in the spring. Should I wait two months and go to Berkeley or are there alternatives? I'd like to buy them locally.

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  1. I saw them a few weeks ago at the bowl

    1. I bought one at Berkeley Bowl around Jan 25, 2007. Man that was sour.

      1. berkeley and ferry plaza farmer's market! now!

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        1. re: Doodleboomer

          Thanks very much for the tip. Where at the Ferry Plaza market? In/out front/back?

        2. I bought some a month or two ago at Rainbow Grocery, which seems strange since I would have thought the season would be starting more like now. They were sweet enough to eat on their own, which was also strange. Given Rainbow's focus on locally sourced produce I'm not sure what the deal was with these Sevilles, but Rainbow's a great place to find a wide selection of citrus. At the moment they have a wide range of tangerines, cara cara oranges, meyer lemons, and bins of normal oranges.

          1. Living up in the country, I recently ordered Seville oranges from "Fresh to You", and got fresh fruit from the Central Valley. With a note that they were picked just prior to the hard freeze which devastated the California citrus crop. Nick of time. I use them, and Moro blood oranges, to make an old school sangrita (Jalisco tequila completo).
            Did see some at Monterey Market this weekend...