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Jan 28, 2007 03:51 PM

Risotto in a Rice-Cooker? Oatmeal?

Anybody tried these? I've been thinking about it for some time now but though I should float the idea to see whether anyone's already blazed this trail.

Variables: My wife has tried rolled oats (quick-cooking but not, I think, actually 'instant') and we have only an old rice cooker--a 10-yr vet w/no adjustments beyond ON and OFF. The newer models (which I long to splurge on!) seem to be highly adjustable.

FYO, her results were just OK. Microwave was better. But I want to move on to the tastier steel-cut oats (Irish porridge). They take lots of cooking/stirring, which I'd prefer to avoid.

Also--what about risotto? Shd work in a rice-cooker, no? Maybe after overnight soaking?

All I can offer here is the correct pronunciation:

ree-ZOHT-tow not the usual ri-Zotto (and in Lotto). Note that in Italian a single S (except at the beginning of a word) is a Z or TZ sound.

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  1. I eat Irish oatmeal everyday and have good results if you soak it overnight (boil the water, remove pot from burner, dump in the oats, and then cover). The next morning it should take about 10-15 minutes to cook, with minimal stirring. Is that too much work?

    1. I'd love to know this also. My rice cooker has on, off, and warm, I wonder if this will make a difference?????

      1. Steel-cut oats work very will in the rice cooker. Here's what I do: The night before, stir 1 cup of oats, 4 cups of water, and a bit of cinnamon (sometimes diced apples, too) together in the rice cooker, push down the switch, and attach the plug to an electric timer (the kind people use to turn their lights on and off) set to start about an hour before I wake up. All I do the next morning is stir, scoop up a bowlful, add a bit of milk and maple syrup, and it's a very nice breakfast, even on a weekday! This makes about 4 servings so I save the rest in a container and reheat one serving at a time (adding some more water) in a small pot on the stove. Probably could be reheated in the micro, also.

        1. I have a neuro fuzzy programmable model, and it makes fantastic steel cut oats (irish porridge.) I use the method the above poster mentioned, except I don't need the timer, of course. I often find the rice cooker bowl has two layers, one thick and one soupy, that need to be stirred before serving, but I've never had lumpy oatmeal. It always stirs up smoothly.

          I often refrigerate leftovers in a flat bottomed container and pan fry them the next morning in squares for breakfast. Sounds strange, but tastes wonderful, trust me.

          You can also make other grains for breakfast in the rice cooker. Amaranth and millet are good.but certainly start with steel cut oats.

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            I am debating purchasing a rice cooker to make my morning oatmeal. What size rice cooker ar you using? I would like to cook 1 1/2 cups of oats - but I am worried about it boiling over in the 5.5 cup model (but 10 cups sure is overkill for cooking rice in our house!).