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Jan 28, 2007 03:50 PM

Recipes using olive tapenade?

I have a tapenade surplus and would appreciate ideas on how to use it. Is it safe to freeze?
I guess I could turn regular spaghetti sauce into "puttanesca".... hmmm...

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  1. If you like fish, tapenade is very nice with's a recipe from Epicurious if you are interested...personally, I have used other fish besides the sea bass, cod or tilapia.

    1. I go to a little cafe called Haute Cakes in Newport Beach and they serve an egg salad sandwich with a black olive tepenade spread. Delicious!

      1. Thanks, that gives me a lot of ideas (e.g. if it works with egg salad, why not potato salad, and pasta salad... there was a salmon & tapenade recipe on epicurious too that looks good).

        1. Heh, my son told me about Michael Chiarello's show today--he made pizzettas with olive tapenade and pecorino cheese and we're hoping to try that recipe on Friday.

          1. In the summer I like to make stuffed burgers with tapenade & feta in the center--keeps the burger from drying out on the grill. I'm pretty sure it keeps for a long time. I just added some to soup (which didn't turn out as I hoped so I'm not really recommending that) that was left over from said burger grilling this summer. Now I wish I'd made egg salad sandwiches with it!