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Recipes using olive tapenade?

I have a tapenade surplus and would appreciate ideas on how to use it. Is it safe to freeze?
I guess I could turn regular spaghetti sauce into "puttanesca".... hmmm...

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  1. If you like fish, tapenade is very nice with it...here's a recipe from Epicurious if you are interested...personally, I have used other fish besides the sea bass, cod or tilapia.


    1. I go to a little cafe called Haute Cakes in Newport Beach and they serve an egg salad sandwich with a black olive tepenade spread. Delicious!

      1. Thanks, that gives me a lot of ideas (e.g. if it works with egg salad, why not potato salad, and pasta salad... there was a salmon & tapenade recipe on epicurious too that looks good).

        1. Heh, my son told me about Michael Chiarello's show today--he made pizzettas with olive tapenade and pecorino cheese and we're hoping to try that recipe on Friday.

          1. In the summer I like to make stuffed burgers with tapenade & feta in the center--keeps the burger from drying out on the grill. I'm pretty sure it keeps for a long time. I just added some to soup (which didn't turn out as I hoped so I'm not really recommending that) that was left over from said burger grilling this summer. Now I wish I'd made egg salad sandwiches with it!

            1. Mix it into cream cheese for a great sandwich spread.

                1. Spread over a chicken breast and roasted in the oven - or grilled - don't forget to spread it under the skin as well as on top

                  1. Martha Stewart has a delicious appetizer: serve crostini spread with fresh goat cheese and topped by olive tapenade that has had some chopped dry fig and walnuts added. The mix of flavors -- savory, sweet, salty, bitter -- is lovely.

                    1. Divide pizza dough into small, single-sized servings and spread tapenade (in place of regular pizza sauce). Then top with feta or fresh parmesean and bake. Sliced tomato or other favorite toppings will work, too.

                      Great apps or light meal.