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Jan 28, 2007 02:44 PM

Majestic Cafe - Updated Information

The recent post about the Majestic's pending closure had me distressed, so I just called them - 6:40 pm on Sunday, 1/28. The fellow who answered the phone said that they were in fact closing tonight, for six WEEKS, not months, and that they planned to reopen under the same name. I asked "but will the food be the same, or are you changing the concept?" after a couple of seconds delay, he said "it might change a little."

So, we'll see what happens, and how long it actually takes, but at least we all know what the folks at Majestic are saying.

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  1. It's going to close, but reopen as the Majestic? I don't get it. What's the shutdown for, I wonder?

    So, no definite word on another sports bar? I do hope there won't be a sports bar put in there.

    Sounds to me like the chef's going to leave, and the management is going to try to hold onto whatever great reputation Majestic had. I wonder. It's always so Byzantine, these restaurant intrigues.

    I can't believe they're closing down that rich location for six weeks. It's nuts.

    Keep posting, and thanks for the update, even if I'm now more confused than before. But, at least there's hope.

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    1. re: Atlantis

      I left out one detail - he did tell me they were "remodelling." We'll see.

    2. I've got a bad feeling that they'll either re-open as yet-another-Irish pub or a tapas place.

      Or worse, both.