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Jan 28, 2007 02:43 PM

New Place in Chelmsford Ctr. - Fish Bones??

Just went. Nice fish market on one side and quant restaurant on the other. Everything looks very fresh, anxious to bring some home to cook. I had fabulous fried oysters and side of onion rings (not overly batter flavor-great flavor). We shared an appetiser of seafood fried ragoons (small but good flavor, not as much seafood taste, the cream cheese took over). Husband's dinner was forgotten somehow but they missed that after my meal was at the table a good 5 minutes (that's a big no no in my book). He asked if he could at lease have his sides while he waits for his main meal and the sides weren't all that (broccoli and carrots - steamed, and side of fried sweet potatoes). Once his swordfish came, I didn't think it was all that great, he liked it - thought it was good fresh quality. The waitress blamed the cook for missing her order - she joked about it. :-( We found it very unprofessional to bring my food out without his and then not even ask the kitchen about his food for another 5 minutes.

We would try again, maybe sit at the bar to avoid this waitress - watched her rush everyone - we felt very rushed too. Again, love the oysters and would like to try more from the menu as well as the fish market. We saw others enjoying raw oysters but we recently just had great ones at Legal and didn't want to mess that memory up with a mystery place (and no mention of where the oyster were from - maybe she would have told if we asked)??

It was a gift certificate worth going out in the cold to try. and would go back again.

has anyone else got any feedback?

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  1. Where in Chelmsford Centre?

    1. Was a Day Care Center. Just across from Markis and ??, through the lights as you go down the hill just as it splits with Library in the middle (it's on your left before hte split)

      1. I live in the area and drive by almost daily. It has been packed since it opened about 3 months ago. I have eaten there once and will not be in a hurry to return. The clam chowder was pretty light on clam flavor and the grilled bluefish, while beautifully cooked, was overpowered by the dijonaise sauce. Once I scraped it away, I was able to enjoy the fish. Too bad as I was excited to finally have a decent restaurant in the Centerand I had high hopes because the same people own/operate Atlantic Sea Grill in Acton, which I usually enjoy very much. Perhaps the Chelmsford location will improve with time.

        1. Yes, us in the area too, always looking for new good places. Time sometimes does improve, we'll see. Have you tried Westford Grill, we got a GC for there too, I think it's new?

          1. Westford Grille has been around for a few years. OK American food, not terribly pricey, kind of strange layout, very cold bathrooms if I recall. Probably worth a trip on a GC.