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Jan 28, 2007 02:02 PM

Midatlantic hound needs Houston suggestions

I am traveling to Houston for the weekend in February. I will be traveling with my sisters for a girls weekend away. We need suggestions on places to eat adn nightlife. We like country music, dance, and would love to try a mechanical bull. We will be staying at the Sheraton at George Bush Intercontinental. We do not know anything about the area.

Thank you.

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  1. You will need a car when you are staying there.

    Dolce Vita for pizza, 1308 Cantina for hip mexican/great drinks/scene. The food is pretty good at Armadillo Palace and hilarious to take people from out of town. There will be live country music, people dancing, and it's across the street from Goode Co BBQ (same owners) which is pretty good BBQ. If you want cute men in cowboy hats to ask you to country dance (in a nonsleazy way) go to Blanco's on Saturday night.

    Another fun place with good food is Gravitas (great wine by the glass and good scene). Other great food and great Houston scene is Catalan, Max's Wine Bar (completely packed right now),and Ibiza.

    I don't know where the nearest mechanical bull is, probably not near downtown - all of the places I have listed above are near downtown/midtown/Montrose.

    1. I think they packed up all the mechanical bulls and shipped them off to Branson ;). I'll have to ask around to see if anyone knows of any. The closest country bar to the airport you'd might want to consider would be Tumbleweed Texas on Kuykendahl (pronounced KIRK-n-doll in case you have to tell a cabbie, but superluckycat is right, from your location you're going to have to have a car). One of the pics looks like it might be a guy atop a bull, but I'm not sure. I went there once, about 20 years ago, I think...sorry.

      Blanco's sounds like a good bet; I think that's going to be Texas country instead of Nashville country. Another place I've heard of recently is Big Texas Dance Hall and Saloon on NASA Road 1 in Webster -- a long ways from your hotel.

      There was a review of 1308 Cantina in this week's issue of the Press:

      I think we've had this problem before recently .... not many Houston hounds seem to know much about what's out around the airport.

      1. There is a great Cajun restaurant on Greens Road, right near Greenspoint Mall (not a great area but probably 5 miles from the airport) called Cajun Town.

        There is a weird diner in a Days Inn on JFK boulevard (actually you could walk there but you would be the only pedestrian on that road) that has decent chicken fried steak and has surprisingly good sides like squash. You might want to remember that if you find yourself needing something fast and greasy during recovery periods.

        Do you have to stay near the airport? Even the Sheraton Suites near the Galleria would be a vast improvement. If you do, go back and forth to downtown on 59, not 45. Both highways are so ugly and full of reminders that Houston has no zoning but 59 is less life-threatening and usually moves along.