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Global Gatherings...blah

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Went to Global Gatherings on Central Ave. for lunch recently, my 2nd time. The service was exceptionally slow and bad, but what really burns my britches is that I paid $14 for a scoop of chicken waldorf salad (with no greens to speak of). In fact, it was badly in need of salt and/or pepper (which was not on the table), but there was no waitress or other staff around to ask for this during the course of my meal. What burned me even further was that it wasn't until I was signing the bill that the owner/manager came over to ask how everything was. Asking about my meal at the time I am calculating a tip just doesn't cut it. It's obvious she wasn't spending her time in the kitchen facilitating the food, everything took forever to reach the table.

Don't go unless you have a lot of time, patience and $$$.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. Did you try their "sorry" desserts? and what's more - What's with that whole business concept anyway??? It's just too weird.

    1. Dim Sum Diva, is this the place that combines a restaurant and a furniture store?

      1. Yes, and neither is any good. Wish they'd bring back the dim sum place that used to be there!

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          yes.. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Dim Sum Diva.. I went there a year ago with a friend for a birthday dinner.. and it couldn't have been more slow, more depressing, and less flavorful food! i surely won't go there again..

          On the other hand, I went to the Watercolor Cafe this weekend with a group, and ohhh the service, the food, the wine - it was impeccable!

        2. My wife and I have been to GG many times and have also purchased furniture there. We are fans, but I can understand the complaints. The service is spotty. The hostesses are all uniformly dumb. We also had several problems with our furniture delivery. However, after complaints, the owner did make up for the problems in an acceptable way.

          That said, we do like the food and do have favorite dishes we go back for--for me, it's the shortribs and for my wife, it's the tamales. I like the soup and creme brulee trios. We also like the atmosphere. I can understand others not liking the food--it's global fusion and is therefore "all over the map" in terms of flavor and technique. Some dishes are clearly more successful than others.

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            I just heard from a friend, a definite 'foodie', and she shared her experience on her dinner at Global Gatherings, after I shared what I had read here.

            She said service was good, the short ribs she had were excellent, and the desserts were delicious.

            Guess I do have to try this place for myself after all.

          2. We've been there several times. More times than not the food is fine, but I do stick with the short ribs, so I can't speak for most of the menu. I think I've had the Burger, but you know, it was a burger.

            The service is about the same, sometimes great, sometimes not so great, never bad.

            I'd eat there again, and I will.

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              I would too. It is no worse than all the other good restaurants in Westchester. It is better in terms of service, on par with drinks, on par with food and portions, less so in ambience (I hated the cafeteria style of the Chinese restaurant before, and I'm not fond of the wide open spaces now), and it didn't anger me on any of my priorities.

              I have yet to find a 'to die for' restaurant in this county.