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Jan 28, 2007 01:53 PM

New to Sunset Park and looking for wine!

After five glorious years in Astoria, my husband and I are moving to Sunset Park, around 8th Ave. and 42nd St. I've been trawling the boards for great restaurant ideas but what I need to know (and have a sinking feeling about) is this:

Where do I get wine?

I love wine. I love great wine stores, which we have a couple of here in Astoria. But when I search nearby our new place on Google Maps for wine, everything is about twenty blocks away. "Liquor" brings up some places but I'm concerned that those aren't really wine-heavy in their retail. Do any Sunset Parkers have any suggestions or locations they go to when they want a decent selection?

Also, anyone who uses that C-Town on 8th, how do you find it, as a store?

Glad to know anything you can offer us, as newcomers!

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  1. I dont know of any serious wine store in that neighborhood. However, there are plenty in Park Slope and the wine store down at Costco is cheap with limited selection but actually has some good wines.

    1. I think, and my memory is pretty cloudy here so I could be wrong...but I remember stepping into a wine store on 8th Avenue near Ba Xuyen and being fairly impressed. Google maps lists a liquor store on 42nd and 8th, right on your block...that may be the one. I thought it was a little south of there, though.

      The pan-Latino supermarket near you is a decent place to shop for foodstuffs.

      Also, since you live by the D train, the area by Bay Parkway is one of the most interesting food shopping districts in New York. It's at a confluence of Asian, Turkish, Italian, and Russian populations. Also search the boards for Dyker Heights recommendations also along the D line...Italian breads, cheeses, sausages, fresh produce.

      1. The Chinese actually displaced/replaced Latinos in Sunset Park. The Italians were sizeable in number but a larger group were the Irish & Scandinavians. But the largest group just before the Chinese influx were Latinos. The reason they selected Sunset was that they took the N train from Manhattan's Chinatown and at each successive stop would get off and see if they could afford the housing. Sunset was the closest such place. But added to that - the subway stop was 8th Avenue. 8 is a hugely lucky number among the Chinese. So settling there and opening their shops on 8th guaranteed This information came from Chinese neighbors of mine back in 1987.

        1. Try 60th Street Wine and Spirits between 7/8 Avenues. It's not too far from the 8 Ave N Station. They have a big selection of wine and Japanese sake.

          By the way--C-Town is tolerable, but the Pathmark at 60/13th is much better.

          1. I have bought most of my wine this year off the net.