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Jan 28, 2007 01:49 PM

Just got a $50 breakkers or lunch for two at Little Door gift certificate from KCRW...what to get?

It will, of course, probably not come in the mail for 2 months, although they take my pledge from my bank today!

Still, when I get the durn thign and go to the Little Next Door, what should I expect? what are the best things to order. Finally, how far will the gift certificate get me there (wine is included)?

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    1. I like the cheese plates, the homemade jams, and the pain aux chocolate. $50 won't go as far as you might think, but it is a cool place.

      1. Make a lunch with some interesting cheese, housemade pates and foie gras, a couple of side salads, and throw in a cheap glass of wine. The moroccan carrot salad is very good.

        The macaroons and chocolates are made by hand and usually very good. I have been been eyeing the preserves and jarred items as well. We've enjoyed almost everything we've ordered with the exception of some lamb thing that was a little boring.