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Jan 28, 2007 01:49 PM

1/2-way point for dinner between W. Hartford & Danbury

Looking for a good place to meet up with another couple for a relaxed, delicious meal between West Hartford and Danbury. Anything goes. It doesn't have to be exactly 1/2-way if the food and service are good and the atmosphere allows for a lingering meal.

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  1. I would go to Good News Cafe in Woodbury...make a res, excellent American food, casual's closer to Danbury but less than hour from WH

    1. Diorio in Waterbury is almost exactly halfway and just off I-84. The food is good and the atmosphere is relaxed and urbane. Ask for a booth.

      1. I second the Good News cafe recommendation. Can't go wrong there.


        1. D'Amelio's on South Highland Ave. in Waterbury is very good. They allow you to linger especially during the week and sometimes even bring out a dish of something to try before your meal comes out. The veal parm. is my absolute favorite.

          1. We ended up at Diorio's. Loved the atmosphere, the high-backed booths and the solid, unobtrusive service. The food was decent, but nothing spectacular. Our conversation overshadowed the basic, nondescript food for which the prices were on the high side ($22-26 for an entree). Desserts tasted good, but the molten chocolate cake wasn't molten. Came out too fast... maybe microwaved? Loved the fact that we weren't rushed through our meal or out of the restaurant. Even had free parking across the street in the municipal lot!