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3-generation Syracuse graduation dinner (moved from New England)

Looking for a restaurant during (busy) graduation weekend to satisfy the taste buds for ages 22-90. Any ideas? Willing to travel a little out of the area to reach good food.

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  1. Hi JG,
    You might want to post this on a different board... maybe the tri-state area board would get more responses!

    That being said, my brother-in-law lives in Syracuse and Rosalie's Cucina is very popular... wonderful Italian food. They even have a room for large parties at $32 a person including non-alcoholic drinks:


    1. I think that Rosalia's Cucina down in Skaneatles is an excellent choice.
      Make reservations early however because the place is popular and good and will be booked early.
      another place in Skaneatles you might try is the Sherwood Inn.
      This is an old inn overlooking the lake right in town.
      Very good food also and a great location with rooms if you need them.
      Good luck!
      Cantip,SU,Class of '69

      1. Rosalie's looks terrific... And years ago someone mentioned Sherwood Inn to me. Thanks for both recommendations and the memory jolt. Only problem we'll have is time, as they are about 1/2 hour out of Syracuse and have to get back to the campus for a 7 pm event. Anyone know a great place in Syracuse?

        1. ONEplace I would go to meet all your criterion is Coleman's Restaurant on Tipperary Hill.
          We eat there a lot and they have a wide food range that would suit your crowd,lots of draft beers and a good bar which would suit your younger crowd ,and a great local reputation.
          You might also try Smorel's on Willis Avenue;another local favorite that has been around for years and is excellent!
          Good Luck

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            Hey catnip, is it a long way to Tipperary?

            Sorry.......couldn't resist :-)

          2. Good One HarpOOn!
            Actually Coleman's is in the "old irish section" of Syracuse called Tipperary Hill after the Irish inhabited that part of town generations ago;the name just "stuck" although the neighborhood isn't just irish anymore.
            Coleman's is just off W. Genesee Street about 3 miles from downtown Syraucuse;an easy ride from the S.U. campus.
            Make reservations however;the place is immensely popular and crowded.

            1. Riley's on Park street is a good choice also. Upscale, but not too fancy with all different menu items. They also have a private room upstairs depending on the size of your party. Make reservations. If you looking for something really close to campus, Phoebe's has been good lately, but it goes through phases. Dominic's is a good choice for italian, with lots of room in the dining room, and a huge menu. On Burnet ave. Casa di copani is also on Burnet and is pretty good also, but pricier than Dominick's, and IMO not as good.

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                Thanks for the tips. What is on the menu at Riley's? I can't seem to find much info online (but will call if need be.) Price range? Any special recommendations? Thanks again~

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                  We had my daughter's graduation dinner at the Arad Evans House in Fayetteville which was convenient, as we were staying in the Craftsman Inn. We had a private upstairs room. The food was good and it was like a private party. It is late in the season for reservations for graduation. I hope you have your hotel reservations.

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                    Riley's is moderately priced, their menu changes everyday, but they normally have a few eclectic items, and some standbys (steak, chicken, etc.). They use a lot of fresh, local ingredients. Fresh baked bread and desserts are not to be missed. Bar can get a little noisy, but dining room is quieter. I remember Yolanda reviewed them last year, here is the link. http://www.syracuse.com/dining/review...

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                      Looks terrific! I'll have my son go check it out for us. Many thanks for the response and link.

                2. For steak and seafood, I'd recommend Scotch N' Sirloin. Steakhouse with great seafood also. Closer than Arad Evans and better food imo. I don't care for Coleman's for dinner - it's good for a sandwhich for lunch - it's a nice Irish Pub.

                  Rosalie's is outstanding - great food and service. Lovely town but it IS all of the 30 minute drive from SU.

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                    I like both Scotch N' Sirloin and Coleman's and think that they are both great for Saturday night dinner but a graduation is something special. For that matter, Saratoga Steaks is good, but noisy.

                  2. We have our main celebratory dinner reservations at Pascale's, but for this meal I need a place that we can get in and out of fairly quickly (eating, not "dining") due to time constraints between the convocation and evening program. Need a relatively quiet place so my father-in-law can hear the conversation at the table. And yes, I've had reservation since last spring! :-) Thanks to all~

                    1. Try L'Adour, french in downtown Syracuse. I had an outstanding meal there recently (albeit in the "fine dining" section upstairs), but the downstairs is bistro style, serving all day. A good friend of mine goes for lunch there happily all the time, so I imagine you get can in and out on a time schedule. Or call and ask! Yan, the chef/owner, is very accomodating.

                      here's their bistro menu -- http://www.interhostal.com/~ladour/bi...

                      It's a good size room -- you didn't say the size of your group. Riley's is reliably good but is small and has few tables that seat more than 6 people.

                      1. You might want to reconsider your dinner at Pascale's. I hear it's not so great anymore. For your leisurely celebratory night out you might consider one of the fine restaurants in Skaneateles, as mentioned above, or Arad Evans Inn or La Cena. See http://www.chowhound.com/topics/357792