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Restaurants for Out of Towners

I am planning a trip to New Orleans in a few months--I've never been there before.
I am a student and on a budget. What restaurants/cafes should I try?

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    what part of town, what is the budget,what do you like to eat/veggies/fish/meat/gourmet/sandwiches.

    1. central grocery co. for a muffaletta
      gumbo shop for gumbo or etouffee
      port o'call

      there's also lots of places in and around frenchman st. that are reasonable.

      what do you want to eat? where will you be? i assumed FQ.

      1. If its 3 am and you're hungry, and you're in the French Quarter, Verdi Mart. I don't remember what I ate, but I remember it being good.

        Happy hour at the oyster bar at Pascal's Manale is nice. Uptown on Napoleon, a few blocks off St. Charles.

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          Is Verti Mart open that late? Until recently they were closing around 8 p.m.

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            Couldn't tell you. Am in NY right now, as far as I can recall they used to be... anyone else want to chime in?

          1. Parasol's for the best roast beef po boy.

            Mother's for everything great.

            Oysters and beer at Acme

            1. Port o' call in the French Quarter (on Esplanade and I think Bourbon, but it could be the street after that, way from the Mississippi) makes the best burger in town and comes with a huge loaded baked potato.

              if you go to the Garden District there is this seafood market across from The BullDog on Magazine Street. The BullDog lets you buy boiled crawlfish from the market, and then you can eat them outside and order beer from the bar. they are so of the best crawfish I've had. A quick warning, they sell out quick, so you have to be there when they open!

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                Bulldog has walled in their patio, do they still let you eat crawfish over there? I haven't tried it lately.

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                  you know, i am not sure. however, those crawfish are so good, i would eat them on the sidewalk!

              2. Some of the best food in the city is at festivals which are almost constant.
                New Orleans does fabulous street food. In a couple of months, there's the French Quarter Festival and Jazz Fest and a lot of other smaller ones.
                Check www.offbeat.com for schedules of what's happening.
                Many of the music venues have good food. The festivals hire temporary workers if you need a little extra cash or just a free ticket for the music.
                Time your visit for Jazzfest and you can just walk from booth to booth and eat some of the best food you'll ever put in your mouth.