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One dish to die for

I've been trying to come up with suggestions that go beyond just the restaurants but focus on the meal you would most recommend at any of the usual suspects mentioned on this board.

For instance, those of you who love Applewood, what must I try if I go there only once. (Actually, I had brunch there about a year ago and the lobster omelet was excellent.)

Now, this is completely subjective and there are no wrong answers.

And it doesn't have to be the fanciest thing. It could be as pleasing as a falafel from David's on Kings Highway, for those who know.

What's you're favorite and where?

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  1. I am addicted to the vegetarian stuffed cabbage at Waterfalls cafe. They are so tasty!

    1. The tripe at al di la.
      The elk chops, turtle soup & fried chicken at Henry's End.
      The square slice at DiFara.
      The fried fennel at Queen.
      The liver with onions at Noodle Pudding.
      The pulled pork sandwich and the shrimp roll app at Downtown Atlantic.
      The softshell crab app.(seasonal), the haystack shrimp app & the pork entree at Chestnut.
      The fatoressa pizza at Savoia.
      The tripe app. or the morcilla (blood sausage) tapas at La Mancha.
      Steak for two at Lugers.
      Duck Roll app. at Tempo.
      Meatballs at Frankies.
      Panelle at Ferdinandos.
      Boullabaisse or Curried Seafood at La Boullabaisse. The poached pear too.

      1. the malfati at al di la
        the roasted skewers at al di la
        square slice at difara
        venison chili nachos at pete's ale house
        burger with blue cheese and bacon at pete's ale house
        any pork dish at applewood
        the roasted sweetbreads appetizer at applewood
        the braised pork belly special at 360
        the cato farms cheese plate at 360

        1. Both REALLY great lists and I couldn't agree more.

          For me personally, would also add:

          Foie gras app at Saul
          Fettuccini Rosemarino at Fragole
          Crave burger at Crave
          Rack of lamb at Grocery
          Leg of lamb platter at Zaytoons
          Shrimp Diabla at Maria's Mexican

          1. Getting hungry reading this thread! A few that haven't been mentioned:

            The Capacolla, Peperonata, Provolone, Red Chili Mostarda panino at Panino'teca
            The PLT at Bocca Lupo
            The classic Bahn Mi at Hanco's, extra spicy
            A pie with basil and pepperoni at Lucallie's
            The red velvet cake at Baked
            The pain au chocolat at Almondine

            And this isn't quite a dish, but holy cow it's good: the lard bread at Mazzola

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              Mentioning the lard bread at Mazzola and the poached pear at Boullabaisse in the same thread is absolutely sinful.

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                If you think the lard bread at Mazzola is great, you should try the Lard Bread at Cammereri's on Bath Ave. (and maybe--I hope, I hope, I hope-- at the soon to open Monteleone and Cammereri's on Court St.). Even better is the huge round lard bread at Napoli's on Metropolitan Ave. (like Joe's Perette's Prosciutto balls, this bread has to be made with crack, it is so addictive). BTW, when you go to Napoli's be sure to cross the street and get the world's best Mozzarella (and smoked mozzarella) at Tedone's.

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                  Wow, thanks! I'll definitely give it a try. The Mazzola bread always gets devoured within seconds of entering my home, so I'm amazed someone managed to make it even tastier.

              2. Love the lists - to add my own, I'd have to say the truffled cauliflower bruschetta at Panino'teca, BLT at Frankie's, and Cake Man Raven's red velvet cake.

                1. Cool idea.

                  omakase @ Taro
                  baked kibbee @ Waterfalls
                  roast lamb @ Yemen Cafe
                  pork sandwich @ Pies & Thighs
                  pepperoni pie @ Lucali's
                  burger @ Cocotte (bar)
                  sausage and broccoli rabe pannini @ Bocca Lupo

                  1. huge porterhouse at Convivium
                    bruschetta (any of them!) at lunetta
                    chicken on a board at robin de bois
                    oxtail app or veal meatball/dumpling app at Applewood
                    eggs tabac at bar tabac
                    shephard's pie at chip shop
                    the basket of of biscuits/popovers/etc served at chestnut brunch
                    red wine braised pork w/ polenta and gorgonzola at paninoteca
                    pita pizza at zaytoons with merguez and tomato
                    falafel sandwich at sanaa restaurant

                    1. I'd also like to add the macaroni and cheese terrine at Chicory....

                      1. Wow, what a list.
                        I'd like to the duck empanadas at Beso

                        1. I'll add the casunzei ravioli at Al di La, stuffed with beets with a butter/parmesan/poppy sauce; the spicy sausage and broccoli rabe pasta at Frankies; the panelle special at Ferdinando's; the prosciutto balls at Joe's Superette; the foie gras at Saul; the monkfish liver at Taro

                          I'm dying for lard bread now!

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                            I forgot those prosciutto balls and I just had them last weekend. Damn, those are good.

                          2. I would add the chicken liver appetizer at the Red Cafe, crab cakes at Downtown Atlantic, marrow bones with yummy candied garlic at Stone Park Cafe, and soft shell crabs (in season) at Henry's End. Also, for brunch, the Hangtown Fry and the breakfast quesadilla at Stone Park Cafe.

                            1. Lots of great suggestions! I'd add:

                              -- The chocolate budoni at Chestnut
                              -- The "spicy" pickles they sell at Stinky Bklyn (which, I think, are made in Brooklyn)
                              -- The panna cotta (sometimes -- it depends on how much gelatin they use) at Queen
                              -- The eggplant caponata at Ferdinando's Foccerria


                              1. the paccheri at al di la
                                cheeseburgers at Bonnie's
                                the cataplana at Convivium

                                1. I don't have time today to do an exhaustive list - but, when I was reading this thread the only thing that came to my mind instantly, and made me salivate simultaneously was

                                  The transcendentally delicious Spare Rib slider which sits on a bed of creamed spinach and is topped with a quail egg - all on an onion infused brioche bun - at Stone Park Cafe - best single dish in the Slope for sure.

                                  1. the homemade ricotta bruschetta at lunetta.

                                    1. Kugel at Cheskel's Shwarma King- Salt and Pepper is my favorite. Ask them which is best that day.

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                                        I would also add:

                                        Anchovie pie at Franny's
                                        Kobe burger (when they have it) at Bonnie's
                                        Pad Tai at Song
                                        Whole Orata at Tempo
                                        Thanksgiving Day panini at Tempo Presto
                                        Lamb Stew at Alchemy (had it last night - really wonderful!)

                                      2. Duck Pastilla roll from Tempo

                                        1. Wine prunes @ Frankies 457, SO good

                                          1. The hard boiled egg sandwich at Diner, the chicken pate at Marlow and Sons.

                                            1. Square slice at Spumoni Gardens
                                              Pistachio ices there too

                                                1. Glad to see this revived. Some of my non-mentioned favorites:

                                                  Green Pitza w/ merguez at Fatoosh
                                                  Classic bahn mi at Ba Xuyen
                                                  Special macadamia nut crusted chicken in grapefruit reduction at Henry's End
                                                  Roast lamb over hummus (lunchtime dish) at Yemen Cafe
                                                  Pataniscas De Bacalhau at Convivium
                                                  Those late, lamented chicken wings at Taku
                                                  Eggsalad sandwich at Tempo Presto
                                                  Rabbit w/ olives at Al Di La
                                                  Kimchee rice at Good Fork
                                                  Gyro sandwich w/ fries at Spartan Souvlaki
                                                  Ballfields, Ballfields, Ballfields