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Jan 28, 2007 12:47 PM

Is there Chow in Chicago's Western Suburbs?

I will be working the 88 corridor from Oakbrook to 59 this week and, as always, looking for good things to eat. I am omniverous.

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for?

    Vie (Western Springs) -
    Courtright's (Willow Springs) -

    Morton's (Westchester) -
    The Capital Grille (Lombard) -
    Sullivan's (Naperville) -
    Wildfire (Oak Brook) -

    Parker's Ocean Grill (Downers Grove) -
    Hugo's Frog Bar (Naperville) -
    Tin Fish (Oakbrook Terrace) -

    Heaven on Seven (Naperville) -

    Sal & Carvao (Downers Grove) -

    Emilio's (Hillside, Wheaton) -

    Greek Islands (Lombard) -

    Giordano's (stuffed, double-crust pizza, multiple locations) -
    Lou Malnati's (single-crust pan pizza, multiple locations) -
    Gino's East (single-crust pan pizza, multiple locations) -

    1. Thanks Nsxtasy! Emilio's sounds great! How about sushi out west?

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      1. re: gargantua

        Yes, Emilio's is excellent. His was one of the earliest tapas places in the Chicago area. Unlike some of the other places mentioned above, it started in the western suburbs (the Hillside location) and then opened an additional location in Chicago, rather than the reverse.

        I'm not a big fan of sushi, so unlike the choices above, I can't give you any recommendations based on personal experience. But a quick check of Metromix shows that these places might be suitable (or sushible); perhaps sushi fans in the area can comment:

        Blu Coral (Woodridge) - no website; 630-719-8808
        Sushi House (Westmont, Wheaton, Naperville) -
        Sushi Nest (Elmhurst) - no website; 630-833-5088
        Swordfish Contemporary Sushi (Batavia) - (takes forever to load); 630-406-6463
        Wild Tuna (Naperville) -
        Yamado (Naperville) - no website; 630-983-3567

      2. I'm not a huge fan of chains, not saying that they're not adequate, so I'll add a few to the list:

        Chinn's 34th Street Eatery on Ogden Avenue in Lisle - superb seafood. The wahoo just melts in your mouth. You can smell the aroma of garlic from the parking lot!!

        Country House on College Avenue in Lisle - great burgers

        Yerbabuena Mexican on Main Street Lisle - creative Mexican food

        Alfie's Inn on Roosevelt Road in Glen Ellyn - best burgers in the western suburbs

        Matsuri Sushi on 3rd Street in Geneva - ate there last week. One of the best in the burbs. Although I wouldn't say it's the best in the Chicago area.

        Joyful's Cafe on Maple in Downers Grove - excellent homemade & fresh sandwiches, salads, bakery. They make everything including their breads on site!!

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        1. re: wineaux

          With the exception of the pizza and steak places, most of the restaurants listed above are not big chain operations. Most are places where the restauranteur opened one location, it was successful, and decided to open one or two additional locations. Just like Chinn's, which you mentioned, was opened by the nephew of the original Bob Chinn's in Wheeling.

        2. I'll add the new Reva on 88/Rt. 59

          1. French-inspired fine dining, Les Deux Autres in downtown Glen Ellyn on Main St. Ate there recently. The food was excellent, service impecable, good wine list.

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            1. re: masha

              From today's Dish (food column of Chicago magazine):

              Les Deux Autres (462 Park Blvd., Glen Ellyn; 630-469-4002) has been sold to Michel Saragueta, chef of Café le Coq (734 Lake St., Oak Park; 708-848-2233). Saragueta takes over on February 1st, and the place will become Bistro Monet. “He will make it more bistro,” says Louisa Lima, the former owner. “I knew that Michel has wanted his own place for a long time. I wanted someone that would be as passionate about it as I was, rather than some big corporation coming in and taking it over.” What prompted the move? “My husband got a job in New York back in June, and I tried to stick it out, but we are at the point where I have to move,” Lima says. “Right now I don’t have any plans.”

              1. re: nsxtasy

                Thanks for the update. Any word on whether Saragueta will continue to chef at Cafe le Coq, or who will be taking over there?