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Jan 28, 2007 12:34 PM

Sushi In FT Lauderdale

Can anyone help????

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  1. Sushi Rocks on Las Olas. It is a really funny place to enjoy great sushi. The place is very small so either you have to go very early or late in the evening. It is located south on Las Olas (left hand side) going toward the beach. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      going toward the beach would South be on right!!!!!Aside from that Absolutel good sushi

    2. tokyo sushi on 17th is good- not the best ever, but good for a fix (i think its the same owners as sushi rocks on las olas, more casual though)

      1. Sushi One on NW corner of US1 & Broward Blvd. is OK. It runs by a Japanese family. Perfect for lunch. fyi, it's a takeout place....

        1. - Sushi Rock - Ft Laud, on Las Olas. There's another sushi place, so make sure you get Sushi Rock.
          - Heart Rock Sushi on US1 and Sunrise (very close to the beach).
          - Sushi Blues if you get to Hollywood - fun atmosphere and great Japanese food.

          1. The best sushi is in Dania at Islamorada Fish House, which is contained within the Bass Pro Shop giganto-outdoor-guy store. It's a little weird, because the ambiance is ordinary "fish house", and indeed, it started out as a regular fish restaurant outpost of the restaurant of the same name in the Keys. However, they started doing sushi a couple years ago, and the quality is tops. The fish is so fresh it practically swims to your table and is prepared expertly by the sushi chefs. If you can overlook the less-than-zen-like ambiance, and the little plastic cups they give you for your soy sauce, the fish is the best.