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Jan 28, 2007 12:32 PM

Which Batali Restaurant?

Spur of the moment birthday visit in February. I will be 40-something and would like s suggestion. Fun, not stuffy, please.

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  1. Either Babbo or Lupa. Lupa is more casual and the food is great.

    1. Most of his restos can be fun except for Del Posto. I'd go for Lupa, Casa Mono, Otto then Inoteca (in that order)....Inoteca doesn't accept reservations though.

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      1. re: nyufoodie

        I love 'inoteca, but it's not Batali. It's James Denton (of 'ino, Lupa, and Otto) and his brother Joe.

        Codyody, the only Batali bordering on stuffy is Del Posto. You'll have fun and eat very well at all of these: Get on the reservations immediately.

        1. re: D...DF

          your right it's owned by the dentons but, i think mario was consulted for it's menu and there partners in lupa - well at least at the start if i remember correctly. i concur though that del posto is not a fun batali place and is just not bordering on stuffy but, is also charging an exorbitant amount of money for food that doesn't reach babbo nor lupa standards imho. probably not bad food but nothing near great either regardless of price.

          1. re: nyufoodie

            Jayson Denton, of Lupa is a partner of 'inoteca. His brother Joe and former sous chef of Lupa, Eric are the managing partners. Mario doesn't consult for panini bars. 'inoteca is a spin off of Jaysons first venture, 'ino on Bedford.

      2. Babbo needs a 30 day advance rezzie (to the numerical date - ie the 10th for the 10th) - or else show up when the doors open and eat at the bar.

        The Enoteca at Del Posto has a $41/person 4 course prix fixe and reservations are fairly easy to get.

          1. any of them except for Del Posto. While its a good restaurant, its certainly not his best. Babbo is the best and i also enjoy Otto which is his pizza place!